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The Incarnate is an immortal being, reincarnating in the same body after every death.

Roughly 14,000 years ago the man who would become known as Incarnate found himself alone in the wilderness one night. Seeking adventure, he instead found himself stalked by the Wild Huntsman. He tried hiding in a cave but encountered another primordial force. Without thinking, he killed the being and felt its presence pass into him. The Huntsman still caught and killed him but instead of passing to any sort of afterlife, he found himself alive again and 10,000 miles away. He died over and over again, always returning whole in a random place, never aging, never changing.[1]

At one point, he was captured by Necrodyne Industries. Their CEO Mr. Dunwich was obsessed with living forever and thought that Incarnate somehow possessed the secret. He had his henchman Scarth kill Incarnate over and over again in new ways to try and find the answer.[2] Eventually, he was liberated by Barbarian but his employers had similar ideas for Incarnate.[3] White Lotus recognized him as the man who saved her great-grandfather's life and helped him elude Barbarian. He then shot himself in front of Manhunter.[4]

Reincarnating back at Necrodyne, Incarnate used Manhunter as a diversion to escape his cage and kill Mr. Dunwich.[1] He later discussed their similar situations with Manhunter. While Incarnate believed Manhunter was a manifestation of fear, he thought himself to be one of hope.[5]


  • Immortality Although Incarnate can be killed, he reincarnates into the same body after every death. He never ages or changes throughout all his lives.