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 Incubites are mutations that have succumbed to Warhol Fever, one of the post-Armageddon plagues.


It is hemorrhagic and lethal because it gives its victims a brief period of approximately 15 minutes of feral superpowers and berserk rage before they burn out their metabolism and explode, spreading the infection.

The origins of the so-called 'Warhol Fever' that created the Incubites is that the virus was of extraterrestrial origin and was traveling through space before coming to Earth during the time when an early race dominated the planet, which the virus decimated that race and earlier life forms throughout later history (hinting that it was also responsible for the Dinosaurs' extinction). But after the last Ice Age, it lay dormant until Armageddon.[1]

Apollo of the Authority was infected with Warhol Fever and tried to burn the virus by staying near Earth's sun. However, this only cause it to 'feed' the virus and allowing it to evolve and gain sentience. It renamed itself as "The Burn" and controls Apollo as an evolved Incubite, continuing its original intentions of infecting every life form on Earth. Fortunately after fighting the Authority, The Burn-controlled Apollo was sedated by being exposed to extreme cold conditions and imprisoned in cold storage.[2] The Burn was eventually and completely purged from Apollo when Midnighter fed a piece of apple, which contained the cure to the virus, created by the Century Baby Gaia Rothstein.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength


Incubites' longevity only last for 15 minutes.


Type of Government:

Hive Mind


The Burn


  • The term Warhol Fever is taken from American artist Andy Warhol who coined the phrase "15 minutes of fame" which refers to the fleeting condition of a celebrity that grabs onto an object of media attention, then passes to some new object as soon as people's attention spans are exhausted. This is where the "15 minutes" Incubites experience comes from.

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