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Indiana is a state in the United States, originally part of the Indiana Territory with Illinois and Ohio. It's a Midwestern, middle-sized state with one large city—Indianapolis—and with a border very close to Chicago. Known for agriculture and devotion to sports, Indiana is also known as the Heartland.


Points of Interest

Gary is the seventh-largest city in the state. Erik Storn (Fury) was born there.
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Harmony is a small suburban community in Indiana. On Earth-50, Harmony is protected by a civil defense organization known as Anthem. It was also a temporary base of operations for the Authority member Midnighter.[1]
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Indianapolis is Indiana's capital. It was where a boy named Alvin Mann, who later became Wanda, grew up.[2]

Rosedale is a town in Florida Township, Parke County, Indiana, United States. The Flash and Wonder Woman once had a private conversation regarding Wally's commitment to the Justice League at the Rosedale Arch.[3]

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