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Indigo is the leader of the Indigo Tribe; the group that weilds the indigo light of compassion. Unlike the other Corps Indigo doesn't have a traditional uniform. Instead she has tattooed the symbol of her Tribe all over her body. The other members of the Tribe do so as well. Indigo and her tribe speak a language that is unknown even to the Green Lantern Ring which is supposed to be a universal translator for every language in the universe. In addition to a power ring Indigo and her Tribe weild a coral-like staff that seems to act as their battery and power conduit. Their appearance also seem to resemble shaman.

Little is known about the Indigo Tribe because they have yet to make their presence known to the Universe.


Indigo Tribe Power Battery


Indigo Tribe Staff, Indigo Power Ring

Creator Geoff Johns has revealed very little about Indigo or the Indigo Tribe. They've been said to play an important role in the upcoming, mega event of Summer 2009, The Blackest Night.



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