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The Indigo Power Staff is a power staff used by the Indigo Tribe, along with a ring.



  • Indigo Energy Conduit: Staffs and their own bodies channel the power of compassion for a variety of uses.
    • Emotional Spectrum Emulation: A power unique to the Tribe, the Indigo can emulate the other energies of the emotional spectrum when they are in close proximity to them. This ability has been shown to allow the wielder to copy the power of other lantern energies, the White spectrum's (the reasoning is unknown but assumed to be a limitation due to the extremity of the ring in question). The Indigo Tribe also channelled the Black light of Death to allow Hal Jordan to come back to life during the Blackest Event.
    • Energy Projection: The staffs can fire indigo energy blasts.
    • Power Battery: Indigo Power Rings can be recharged from the staff

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