The Inferior Five are the progeny and heirs of the Freedom Brigade, a team of costumed adventurers of another alternate earth, Earth-Twelve, from before the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After the Brigade retired, they pressed their children into following their legacy using their gifts and powers, a task they only followed half-heartedly.

Only a few of their adventures were documented involving the old foes of their parents and a visit to Asgard to meet the Norse Gods. Often times, they stumbled upon criminals involuntarily while either searching for possible base locations or living their day-to-day lives. During the Crisis, they were away from their native timeline and apparently survived it. They encountered the Zoo Crew during the Oz-Wonderland War.

Dumb Bunny was later reunited with her half-sister, Angel O'Day, a detective of the Angel and the Ape detective agency on Earth, after which she and Merryman began a romantic relationship. Their current whereabouts are unrevealed.

The members of the Inferior Five are Merryman (Brilliant Mind, Weaklings Body), Blimp (Can fly when propelled by tailwind), Dumb Bunny (Super Strong, Low IQ), White Feather (Perfectionist Archer, Afraid of people looking at him), and Akwardman (Perfect in water, clumsy on land). What makes the Inferior Five so special is that they need to be in a team to fight crime. Other teams, such as the Justice League, Justice Society of America (New Earth), and Green Lantern Corps have powerful members that could stop the crime from happening on their own, whereas the Inferior Five have so stupid members with awesome powers and major setbacks (such as fear, clumsiness, or IQ) that make them have to fight crime together.


Equipment: The Lukewarm Line is their main mode of communication.

  • The Inferi-Car is a non-outfitted vehicle used by the group.
  • The Inferiplane is a non-outfitted, orange biplane used to travel longer distances, even though it only has two seats.

Weapons: None known.


"They're always polite!"


  • The Freedom Brigade, the parents of the Inferior Five, are basically versions of other known DC characters: The Patriot/Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty/Miss America, Captain Swift/The Flash, Bowman/Green Arrow, Princess Power/Wonder Woman, Mister Might/Superman and the Mermaid/Aquaman.
  • Merry Man, or a similar person, was recently encountered by Superman as the ruler in Limbo.[1]
  • The team appeared briefly behind Lois Lane in Crisis On Infinite Earths #12 as she was doing a report on Dove performing a rescue when he was killed by a Shadow Demon.

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