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The Inferior Five are a self-styled group of heroes who believe they can make a difference. However, their many disadvantages - cowardice, clumsiness, low intelligence - result in them being poor crime fighters.


After hearing a report of the Inferior Five fumbling a fight with Gridlock's men, Bat-Mite seeks them out to help.[1] Bat-Mite reshaped them into the Superior Six, taking leadership from Merryman, the new line-up having Tough Bunny become Rabbit, the Blimp becoming Zeppelin, White Feather retaining his name, Awkwardman becoming Tripper and Merryman becoming Merrimack.

While the new powers and abilities helped them defeat Gridlock, Bunny realized that they had also made them crueler. She pleaded with a hesitant Bat-Mite to change them back. The rest of the team resisted, until Merryman realized what had happened as well. Bat-Mite undid the upgrades and the team celebrated, but Gridlock managed to escape.[2]

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