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"Drainy Day!": During a routine patrol in the Inferi-car, the Inferior Five come across an elderly woman being mugged. However, when they attempt to help her, the woman mistakes them for more attackers and fights back. After [[At

Inferior Five #7 is an issue of the series Inferior Five (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1968. It was published on February 23, 1968.

Synopsis for "Drainy Day!"

During a routine patrol in the Inferi-car, the Inferior Five come across an elderly woman being mugged. However, when they attempt to help her, the woman mistakes them for more attackers and fights back. After Dumb Bunny calms her down, the Five pursue the thug into the sewers where the struggle to figure out which way he went. They ask a man giving tours of the sewer system and he directs them onward. Awkwardman is suddenly struck by a flying hammer from their old friend Thor, who mistook them for enemies. Merryman asks what he's doing in the sewers and Thor tells them that he is hiding out from a comic editor named Stanley, whom he signed a contract with. The comic editor named Stanley wants him to quit his secret identity as a baseball player and become a doctor, as well as bleach his hair and shave off his beard. Dumb Bunny tells his he should honor his contract and the Five help him to change his appearance.

Twelve minutes, twenty-three and 2/5 seconds later, the Five come to a dead end and are trapped as water begins pouring in. Everyone but Awkwardman panics, noting how he thrives in water and fondly remembers Angel Fish. They are rescued by the Sub-Moron, who reveals that Stanley had sent him to find Thor, and he departs.

The Inferior Five meet Allergy Queen, a private eye searching for the lair of a criminal known as Dr. Diabolical. He shows them a prisoner he found, but before they can get any information from the prisoner, he is shot with a gun that disintegrates him.

Meanwhile, thug of Dr. Diabolical walks into some power lines and electrocutes himself. Surprisingly alive, he realizes that he now has electric powers. He steals a costume from the man giving tours of the sewers and dubs himself The Blast. The Inferior Five run into many bizarre characters, including Super-Hip's principal, Dr. Van Pyre and the Cobweb Kid. After rescuing them from a fall, the Cobweb Kid says that he too was sent by Stanley to find Thor. The Five then encounter Blast searching for the Cobweb Kid to fight him.

The Five stumble upon a large dining hall via a fake wall. However, everyone there is dead except for one person speaking. Allergy Queen resurfaces, revealing that he knows who is responsible for the deaths of the prisoners and those in the dining hall. He gathers everyone in a library (oddly still in the sewers), but he is killed before he can reveal who is behind the deaths. Merryman shouts that the old woman they had tried to save activated a button on her purse which killed Allergy Queen. The old woman is revealed to be Dr. Diabolical in disguise. He captures the Five and connects them to machine which is to take their strengths and transport them to Dr. Diabolical's thug, Muggsy. The Blast tries to stop the others from escaping, firing electricity at Thor. However, it has no effect on the god of thunder and Thor soundly defeats him. Dr. Diabolical's machine fails to work properly and ends up transporting the Five's weaknesses to Muggsy instead. They are able to soundly defeat the thugs as Dr. Diabolical escapes. With the help of the man giving tours, they escape the sewers and witness an old lady being robbed. Determined not to be fooled by Dr. Diabolical again, they attack the old lady, only to discover that it was the Cobweb Kid's Aunt Meg. He chases them off as the Inferior Five flee the scene.

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  • Megalopolis



  • Inferi-Car


  • In addition to the return of Thor, a parody of the Marvel character by the same name, this issue also has other parodies: Spider-Man with Cobweb Kid, Sub-Mariner with the Sub-Moron, Iron Man with Iron Pants, Ellery Queen with Allergy Queen, and various unnamed parodies of other cartoon and comic characters.

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