Inferno is the name of two different character legacies. Both of these include heroes and villains that have pyrokinetic or fire-based abilities. They are in the Legion of Super-Heroes mythos and the Red Circle family of publication.

MLJ Comics introduced the original Inferno, a man named Frank Verrano who fought alongside the Mighty Crusaders. DC Comics eventually gained the rights to all super-heroes from this company, and published new versions under the Impact Comics imprint. The character was re-imagined as Lance Stern, an enemy of the Comet. More recently Verrano has been introduced again into the mainstream DC Universe.

The Legion of Super-Heroes had Dirk Morgna, a Batch SW6 clone of the original Sun Boy take the name originally. The Reboot Legion introduced a female anti-hero named Inferno as a member of Workforce. Prime Legion stories also have an Inferno operating as a member of the Wanderers.

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