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"The End of All Earths": This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #34 (Digital), [[Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse Vol 1 35 (Digital)|Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #35 (Digital)

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #12 is an issue of the series Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2015. It was published on June 17, 2015.

Synopsis for "The End of All Earths"

This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #34 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #35 (Digital) and Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #36 (Digital).

Hawkgirl of Earth-19 leads her forces in subduing the mad populace, but the soldiers complain that the pain is overwhelming. Shayera tells them to be quick as their Nth Metal armors can only protect them temporarily from becoming mad. She starts fearing that they may have to fight alone, but King Arthur of Atlantis soon arrives with his forces and asks her to explain what's happening, as well as why she had requested his aid. Shayera tells him that they need his soldiers to stop the people who have been driven mad, but he states that he can't protect them over Atlantis, which itself has been affected. Hawkgirl convinces him by stating that the safety of the world depends on them being here instead and the cause behind the madness is the Earth Engine.

Meanwhile in Luthor's headquarters Batman tells everyone to hold the Monitor down, but he knocks them all away in rage. Catwoman questions why no one answered their call for help, before Robin alerts her to the opening of a Bleed portal. Supergirl, Zatanna and Lord Zod of Earth-13 enter along with Cyborg, Flash and Zatanna of Earth-0. As they notice the mad Monitor, Batman helps their request in subduing him. The magicians of their group cast spells which temporarily calm him down and Batman tells the Green Lantern of Earth-13 to shield the new arrivals, before pointing to the Earth Engine and explaining they need to disable it or it will kill everyone. Superman of Earth-0 states that they believe every universe in the Multiverse has an Earth Engine.

As Lord Zod suggests smashing the machine, Cyborg states it might trigger a massive energy blowback, and suggests reverse-engineering it. Mecha Superman of Earth-44 however tells him if he couldn't figure out a way to do it, he surely can't as well. Wonder Woman of Earth-17 tells them to stop, stating that the Earth Engine is influencing their minds and causing them to bicker. As she becomes confused about what to do, the Monitor regains consciousness and states he can help, but he can only hold his sanity temporarily. After being carried to the Earth Engine, he opens a Bleed door and tells the others to throw the machine through it. Superman of Earth-0 and Mecha Superman comply, lifting the engine on their backs.

The Monitor tells the heroes to be quick, as he can't keep the portal to the Bleed open for long. The two Supermen then apply great strength to lift it and throw it into the Bleed, with the Monitor closing the portal after their success. Wonder Woman of Earth-17 checks upon the weakened Monitor, who assures his energy will be restored eventually. He adds that while Earth-19 is now safe from the Earth Engine, all the people of the world will be traumatized. Outside the LexCorp headquarters, Aquaman of Earth-19 tells Hawkgirl that the Earth Engine is no longer affecting him, and the latter states that her allies may have succeeded in stopping it.

Hawkgirl leaves her troops under Aquaman's command, telling him she's goes to check whether the danger has really passed, and he orders his troops to help others. Back inside Luthor's headquarters, Catwoman of Earth-19 tells the other heroes that Luthor is nowhere to be found in the lab, and Batman orders everyone to find him. In another room of the facility, Lex tells Vandal Savage that the control device is almost complete and will allow him to activate Earth Engines across the multiverse. Catwoman upon finding him gets confused as to who he's talking to, since she can see no one else in the room, but soon gets ambushed by Savage. As he prepares to kill her, Robin of Earth-43 attacks him, but soon finds himself outmatched due to Savage's immortal life giving him millennia of skill and experience.

Batman soon intervenes against Vandal and fights him in a hand-to-hand duel. After knocking his foe away, Savage uses the suggestion device to make Catwoman attack Batman, who refuses to hurt her. Robin however soon attacks him as well, after having his mind altered by the suggestion device. Savage lets the heroes fight each other and asks Lex if he has finished the control device. The latter affirms he did and tells Savage that he can activate the Earth Engines.

Hawkgirl soon busts in through the window of Luthor's headquarters after spotting Catwoman, Batman and Robin fighting each other. Vandal Savage mocks her for being late and uses the suggestion device on her, but the Nth Metal armor allows Shayera to resist its effect. She destroys the device after hitting Savage, bringing the heroes back to their senses. Savage soon gets back up and attacks Hawkgirl, but finds himself being pummelled by Catwoman, Robin and Batman. He orders Lex to activate the control device, but finds that the destruction of the suggestion device has freed him too.

Luthor tells the others how they were so quick to distrust him and see him as a partner of Savage. He also states his inventions, made from knowledge he stole from other universes, were unwise despite his good intentions. Pleading his innocence, Luthor states that Savage used him as a mind-controlled puppet. As the others grow uneasy about his real motives, he switches all the Earth Engines off and tells them they can safely destroy them. The Monitor soon arrives and states he will be imprisoning Savage himself, as he is a great danger to the multiverse. Later on Nil, Superman of Earth-0 marvels at the world and Green Lantern of Eath-13 states that its technologies are a wonder to behold.

The Monitor soon arrives before the heroes on Nil and Wonder Woman of Earth-17 informs him that they have destroyed all the Earth Engines. He praises the news and states Savage didn't admit to working for anyone, but seems to have been working alone. Regardless, he will remain imprisoned on Nil. Inside his prison however, Savage smiles, revealing he has a plan up his sleeve. As Superman asks the Monitor what comes next, the latter states that they need to prepare for further waves of the Infinite Crisis and Wonder Woman suggests that they recruit more allies. Hal agrees and states they need to do it quick, with Superman suggesting that also seek help of those they normally wouldn't.

On Earth-19, Lex asks Batman whether he would have him monitored more tightly. Batman denies it and states he will instead choose to trust him. Batman admits no one in the multiverse he has met ever said good things about the Luthors of their universe, but he recognizes that he's not only dangerous, but also aspires for the greater good of his world. Luthor then asks what will they do when the crisis strikes again, and Batman hands him an orb from the Monitor, telling him to call others when it happens. Hawkgirl and Aquaman then come in with all his stolen designs, making him burn them. Aquaman assures he'll invent more technologies for the good of the world, while Shayera suggests they talk about a genuine global unity later. Batman states it's a good idea and takes his leave.

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