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"Atomic": This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #7 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #8 (Digital) and [[Infinite C

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #3 is an issue of the series Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 17, 2014.

Synopsis for "Atomic"

This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #7 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #8 (Digital) and Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #9 (Digital).

As his comrades wake up, the Arcane Green Lantern tells them that Earth-48 has been destroyed by Two-Face and the Monitor transported them to Earth-17. Robin questions why the Monitor couldn't save Earth-48 and Hal tells him that it wouldn't be possible, as he himself spent his entire energy trying to save them. As he reveals that he swore to the Monitor that they'll track Harvey Dent down, Robin criticizes him for doing so on behalf of every member. Selina in panic states that they have no chance of being able to stop Harvey, which Robin agrees with. As they bicker with Wonder Woman and Lantern, Batman tells them to stop it and asks Lantern if the Monitor told him what he was planning.

After learning that Nix wants them to distract Harvey until he prepares weapons to capture him, Batman thinks it may be unwise but they'll do it anyway. Robin becomes bewildered and states it is a stupid thing to do. Hal states he fears Two-Face but he'll still fight and reveals that the Harbinger's orb can track him. Batman then tells Wonder Woman that they'll need her help and a plan. Meanwhile in his lair, Two-Face learns from the Eternal Key that the Monitor's champions are approaching and tosses his coin to decide whether to outright kill them or have some fun first. As the coin lands on the side of having fun, he tells Bane to inject himself and gather his Mutie-Boys. Meanwhile as they go after Two-Face, Batman questions Wonder Woman why her world is so desolate, learning that it suffered a nuclear holocaust.

Though most of the survivors want peace, Wonder Woman states that the mutated beings like Two-Face don't. Her team soon reach outskirts of the ruined city now called the Burn. Batman questions her about the place and is told that it used to be Gotham before the war. The team soon gets ambushed by the Mutie-Boys and Catwoman decides to run away, despite Batman advising her against it. She however soon stops in her tracks after being confronted by Bane, who states she will be dying no matter what she does.

As Bane grabs Catwoman by the neck, Batman attacks him and holds him off so she can escape. Robin chastizes him for leaving them open for an attack, stating they're outnumbered, however Green Lantern assures he'll handle the Mutie-Boys and unleashes an army of constructs at their foes, while telling his comrades to go help Batman. As Batman gets knocked down by Bane, Robin soon intervenes and fights their mutated foe. The monster soon grabs him, but gets wrapped around the neck by Batman's Batrope. Catwoman slashes Bane's leg before he can kill Batman, but gets knocked away. The monster then injects himself with strontium-17 to replenish himself, but soon gets knocked out by Wonder Woman.

Batman tells Selina to not flee again, but she states she can't guarantee it and they're still hapless in front of Two-Face. As he refuses to surrender, she gets impressed and states that's what she likes about him, in addition to him putting himself in danger for her. Robin however remembers that Harold must be fighting the Mutie-Boys alone, but gets shown by Wonder Woman that he has already dealt with all of them. As Batman helps Harold up, the latter states that his energy is completely depleted and he won't be able to help them for a while. Batman states that Hal Jordan is never useless, even if his lantern is exhausted. He then reminds that Two-Face could have killed them himself long ago, which means he wants to have fun with them.

Batman instructs Wonder Woman, Robin and Catwoman to wake the wastelanders and Bane up, while telling Hal to go along with his lie. As their enemies regain consciousness, Batman tells them that they want them to take them to Two-Face and Lantern has placed a spike in each of their minds, which he could use to kill them if they don't cooperate. Bane and others agree to do as they say, taking them to the Wayne Manor. As Catwoman talks to Batman, he tells her that the Catwoman he knows never runs from a fight, but turns danger into an opportunity. She however refuses to agree when he says Selina Kyle always wants to win. Soon, Two-Face is told by Bane that the five heroes have been taken captives, and tosses his coin to decide their fate.

Harvey tells the heroes that versions of Damian and Batman both once lived in the Wayne Manor they're in, but died in the nuclear holocaust. He then decides to kill Robin first in front of a helpless Batman and then kill the Bat himself. As Batman questions him how he knows so much about other universes, Harvey states that they're being helped by a greater threat, but refuses to tell him more, stating the Monitor will discover it in due time. As Two-Face gets ready to kill them, Batman orders Nightmare Robin to attack. The two are able to make him reel from their attacks, before he uses the power he gained from the Eternal Key to knock them away. As he mocks them for trying to take him down, Wonder Woman reveals it was a distraction so she could ambush him.

Two-Face questions Bane why he and his men aren't fighting by his side, with the latter stating that the Arcane Green Lantern had threatened to damage their brainstems. Harvey however exposes that it's a ruse by the heroes since the Lantern's power is completely drained. He then tries killing his enemies, but Hal protects them with a shield. The others question as to how he is able to do that and soon get the answer when his Lantern's light is completely drained, making him fall unconscious. As Harvey prepares to strike the killing blow, Catwoman steals the Eternal Key, but they discover that he still has a great deal of power. Bane orders the Mutie-Boys to attack the heroes upon finding Hal unconscious, but Wonder Woman interrupts and tells the other to deal with Two-Face.

Batman and Robin get knocked away after attacking Two-Face, but as he gloats, he soon finds himself overwhelmed by Catwoman, who has used the Eternal Key to imbue herself with power. As she tries to kill him, Bruce stops her and states they never do such a thing. The two agree that it's the Eternal Key causing desires in them to kill their foes, and Batman struggles to come up to what to do with it now. The Monitor Nix Uotan soon arrives and tells him that he'll keep it safe, while adding that that his preparation was for naught, since his champions have already defeated Two-Face. Batman hands the Eternal Key over and the Monitor commends them for working together effectively as a great team, before requesting that they continue fighting by his side and warning they'll face even greater odds.

Appearing in "Atomic"

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  • Atomic Two-Face
    • Bane (Earth-17)
      • Mutie-Boys

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  • Batman (Earth-17) (Mentioned only)
  • Catwoman (Earth-0) (Mentioned only)
  • Harbinger (Mentioned only)
  • Robin (Earth-17) (Mentioned only)




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