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"Arcane": This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #16 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #17 (Digital) and [[Infini

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #6 is an issue of the series Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 17, 2014.

Synopsis for "Arcane"

This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #16 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #17 (Digital) and Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #18 (Digital).

The Supergirl of Earth-13 and her magical allies had pledged to assist Harbinger in warding off the coming crisis, but they currently find themselves overwhelmed by advanced drones. While Zod is busy creating ice walls to safeguard them, Zatanna lies powerless without her scythe. As Kara begins to doubt how long they can keep fighting, Zatanna's owl tells them that powerful and ancient magic is appearing on their plane. A great eldritch blast strikes the barrow as the Doomsday returns, creating a shockwave that sends everyone reeling. As Doomsday is again imprisoned by the spells that had originally bound him, Kara tells Zod to strike at their foes while they are still disoriented.

Zatanna meanwhile is able recover her scythe, as it had been freed from their enemy's grasp by the shockwave. Just then, the Justice League and Mecha Superman intervene to assist the arcane world's heroes. Kara expresses ignorance upon being asked about the drones, and Flash states that they might have been sent by the same person who transported Doomsday to Earth-44. Cyborg confirms to Zod that they were responsible for imprisoning Doomsday and Zatanna reveals that they weren't chosen by the Monitor or Harbinger, but only got into the fray by accident after encountering Superman of Earth-44, whom the Monitor personally chose. Supergirl gets bewildered upon learning her name and states that their world too has a sorceress by that name.

As the heroes turn the tide against the drones, their master recalls them and orders that they transport out of Earth-13. Superman states he'll need to analyze their energy signature to find out where they went using the Bleed, before the heroes introduce themselves to each other. Flash states that they fought a war on Earth-44 and recognizes the heroes on Earth-13 have been fighting their own war as well. Supergirl affirms and states that they're trying to fight back against the coming crisis they've been warned about. As Superman and Zatanna ask them to tell them whatever they know about it, the Green Lantern of Earth-13 appears before them with his allies. The League gets surprised upon finding Batman among them and he states they need to assemble quickly for the coming war.

At the floating citadel of Metropolis, the Flash tells Batman that the view is marvelous. The latter states that he has seen so many wonderful sights in his travels by now, that he doesn't marvel at them anymore. Flash then starts telling him about his team's adventures and how while trying to find him, they encountered a vampiric Batman who may be related to the Robin of Earth-43. As Flash calls Robin creepy, Batman states that he's simply a product of what he had endured on his world. Flash starts talking in a fast manner and tells him his adventures, upon which Batman realizes he's nervous. Barry states that the things he's encountered have shook him, with Batman responding he had watched a universe die. Flash comments that he always has to be better at everything, and Batman states what he watched wasn't better by any measure.

As they reunite with others, Kara learns that Harbinger was killed while trying to stop Two-Face of Earth-17. Atomic Wonder Woman states that though they succeeded in stopping him, someone has been helping dangerous men like him in stealing powerful technologies. Cyborg then wonders about the Doomsday of Earth-13 unleashed on Earth-44, and Zod replies that it as well as other monsters had been released on various worlds by someone using a device of strange technology. Lantern states it is the Infinite Crisis they were warned about, while Batman states that their only hope of beating the enemy lies in them uniting together. As Mecha Superman states that he was given data about their enemy's technology about the Monitor, Supergirl asks if he really is a Superman. When he confirms, she gets saddened and states he is a mockery of her world's dead Superman due to being robotic.

Cyborg comments that people of Earth-13 seem to have a resentment of technology, and Zod replies that it was what released Doomsday in first place. Wonder Woman tells them to consider what they have - magic, technology and brave people with the ability to direct them. Robin gets outraged, questioning if she's talking about Batman, something she affirms. Batman tells him to calm down, stating no one's choosing him as the team leader and they must stop bickering to honor Harbinger. Mecha Superman then states that he can take them to where their enemies have gone and Batman asks if everyone will go after them. As the heroes affirm their commitment, Zatanna of Earth-13 takes possession of her counterpart to warn them that something is coming. A man approaches them out of the portal and assures he means no harm. Catwoman however recognizes him as Lex Luthor of her world, and Batman upon learning this warns Supergirl he's lying.

Luthor of Earth-19 introduces himself to the others and states he has come to help against the crisis threatening the multiverse, assuring them he hasn't come to take part in destroying it. He is dismayed that the heroes still don't trust him, but Cyborg replies that Lex Luthor is always known to be a villain. Gaslight Luthor states he needs time to come to terms with the fact that his variations are evil, while Lord Zod recommends to Wonder Woman that they execute him. As she rejects the proposition, Batman states that in his universe Lex is one of the most dangerous people. Robin meanwhile states that his universe's Lex was an egotistical businessman who died long ago and they didn't need to be afraid, though Batman disagrees.

As Gaslight Lex asks his world's Catwoman to vouch for him, she instead states that he is in reality a ruthless industrialist. Stating that he can't convince others of his good intentions, Lex decides to return to his world. Zod and Green Lantern ask Batman to stop him since he's an expert with technology, and the vigilante agrees with them. Approaching Lex, he tells him that they need him because he is a genius, but warns his allies will put him down if he tries betraying them. Batman then tells Hal that they should discuss strategy, and the latter takes them to the Vault of the Diurnal Sphere, where the protectors of Earth-13 monitor their world. Batman gets amazed at it and asks Zatanna to try to learn its principles, while Luthor looks at the locations the monsters were freed from.

When Luthor questions whether someone really unleashed Earth-13's monsters upon other other universes, he gets an affirmative answer from Flash and Batman, with the latter stating that it's designed to create terror and conquer the multiverse. Luthor however surmises that it might be a distraction, which he knows since he's a villain, but he himself would never wish to destroy the multiverse. He then tells Batman that someone is deliberately creating terror to distract them and urges him to imagine himself as a villain doing the same thing. As he tells him to imagine why would he be causing such destruction upon other universes in first place, Batman realizes that they intend to go for the center of the multiverse - Nil. As the heroes rush to reach Nil, Luthor privately chides them for ignoring his true motives and states he'll learn how to master magic of Earth-13, the knowledge of which he has already partly gained.

Appearing in "Arcane"

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  • Brainiac (Earth-43) (Unnamed)
  • Doomsday (Earth-13)
  • Gaslight Lex Luthor

Other Characters:

  • Atomic Two-Face (Mentioned only)
  • Harbinger (Mentioned only)
  • Lex Luthor (Earth-0) (Mentioned only)
  • Lex Luthor (Earth-43) (Mentioned only)
  • The Monitor (Mentioned only)
  • Nightmare Batman (Mentioned only)
  • Superman (Earth-13) (In picture only)


  • Multiverse
    • Earth-13
      • Krypton (Mentioned only)
      • Metropolis
        • The Chamber of Wise Counsel
        • Vault of the Diurnal Sphere
      • The Wildlands
        • The Long Barrow
    • Earth-0 (Mentioned only)
    • Earth-17 (Mentioned only)
    • Earth-19 (Mentioned only)
    • Earth-43 (Mentioned only)
    • Earth-44 (Mentioned only)
    • Earth-48 (Mentioned only)
  • Nil (Mentioned only)


  • Eternal Key (Mentioned only)


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