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"Nil, Part 2": This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #22 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #23 (Digital) and [[I

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #8 is an issue of the series Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 18, 2015.

Synopsis for "Nil, Part 2"

This story is reprinted from Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #22 (Digital), Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #23 (Digital) and Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #24 (Digital).

The Monitor after revealing himself, states that they don't have much time and asks if they have brought an army to defend Nil. Flash of Earth-0 and Wonder Woman of Earth-17 get shocked upon seeing him alive, stating they found multiple versions of him dead. The Monitor however reveals that they all were actually a part of him, a ruse designed to distract their enemy so they didn't find him. Knowing that the enemy will detect a construct, he divided himself into 52 beings by using the Multiversal Orrery, and the enemy went after them as expected. Flash asks him to use Nil's defenses, but he states he can't since it will be useless. He also reveals that only one version of him is left, and the deaths of others have severely depleted his energy.

After Flash grabs the Monitor as he falls to the ground, the latter requests them to tell whether they've brought him an army of champions, with the Flash replying they have in a way. Outside the Axis Tower, Supergirl of Earth-13 along with Luthor and Catwoman of Earth-19 battles Brainiac's forces. Catwoman struggles to fight them as they prove too tough and gets knocked away while striking at one of the Metallos. As the Metallo prepares to kill her, Supergirl destroys him instead. Lex and Supergirl agree that they'll soon be overwhelmed, but Batman's team soon shows up to save them. Robin realizes that it will still not be enough, but Batman tells him to keep fighting. Arcane Green Lantern gets struck by a blast while stating he's right, but survives.

Batman asks Luthor where Wonder Woman and Flash are, and upon learning that they're in the Monitor's tower, states they need to utilize his systems against the enemy. He tells Lex to come with him since he's a technological genius, while instructing Lantern and the others to hold the fort. As Brainiac orders his constructs to kill them all, Robin realizes he is from his universe and tells Catwoman no one ever found a way to defeat him. The two soon get overwhelmed and the Metallos point their blasters at them for a kill-shot. She then hurls Harbinger's orb to save herself from the Nightmare Metallos, causing an explosion.

After helping Selina get up, Batman tells Luthor that the Monitor may have more such orbs and tells him to come along, while also instructing Green Lantern to hold off their enemies. Robin mocks him for leaving them with the job of fighting, but Lantern states they will come out victorious. Robin however expresses that he very much doubts it and points to Brainiac ordering his constructs to kill everyone, so he could conquer the multiverse. Batman and Luthor soon arrive inside the Axis Tower and find the Monitor along with the Flash and Atomic Wonder Woman. They however realize he's in a weakened condition, but Flash states that they don't have time to explain.

Batman tells Nix Uotan that the Brainiac of Earth-43 is trying to conquer Nil and their forces are not enough, which is why they need the Monitor technology defending the world. Flash tells Batman that he's shut them down and upon being questioned, Nix states that Brainiac has hacked into them and used them to assault him, with most of his 51 other duplicates being killed by them. Lex states that the technology is clearly quite destructive as demonstrated by Harbinger's orb and they need to regain control somehow. Batman then asks the Monitor about the Eternal Key, but he warns the enemy has corrupted it. Lex states that they could use it to take control of Nil's defense systems, but it needs to be shielded from Brainiac's control.

As Lex states that Brainiac's forces aren't experienced with magic, Batman tells Flash to get their universe's Zatanna from the battlefield, while Lex asks the Monitor to take him to the control center of the systems. Outside the tower, Supergirl states that they must retreat, but Robin replies there is nowhere to go. Hal tells them to keep fighting and upon seeing Flash, asks what they have learnt. Flash replies that they're preparing a way to take the enemy forces down, but he needs Zatanna for now. As he runs off with her, Catwoman and Zod state they're doomed, but Mecha Superman assures that they will survive. Flash brings Zatanna into the Axis Tower and she gets told by Batman that they need her to create a magical shield around the Eternal Key, so Brainiac can't control it. Meanwhile as Luthor installs thee key, he feels the power surging through it and states he doesn't want the feeling to end.

Batman calls out to Luthor, who's allured by the Eternal Key's power and threatens to hit him if he takes it for himself. Luthor however states that he can trust him, as his own person goals of conquest mean nothing if the multiverse is threatened with destruction. As he inserts the key in the command center, he tells Zatanna to insulate it with her spell. With that achieved, Batman tells the Monitor to activate his network. Monitor does so and orders Construct to get the defense systems of Nil online. Outside, Robin and the others find themselves overwhelmed, but the Axis Tower soon starts striking at Brainiac's constructs. The heroes meanwhile seek cover and marvel at the path of destruction the tower is creating.

Brainiac orders his forces to keep advancing and activate their shields, while also telling them to take back control of Nil's defense systems. A Metallo however informs him that it's impossible, since someone is blocking them from taking over the command center. Brainiac refuses to accept defeat and tells them to kill everyone, but soon gets obliterated by a blast. Construct meanwhile sends the rest of Metallos back to Earth-43 and sometime after the battle, the Monitor records that they came too close to losing Nil. Though they have defeated their enemy for now, he is sure they will return and realizes that the Infinite Crisis has just begun. He also sent the heroes back to their universes to recruit more allies and to watch out for any new threats, as it'll require a greater effort to stop the crisis again.

Meanwhile on Earth-19, Catwoman spies upon Luthor at his headquarters in Metropolis and views Mercy Graves asking him about his business trip. He states that it was most stimulating and tells her he doesn't require anything, before going back to his research on the new sources of power and technology he has recently encountered.

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