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"Hands of Fate": In the Polaris Galaxy of Sector 2682, Donna Troy is leading a number of superheroes from Earth, the Green Lantern Corps, and L.E.G.I.O.N. to stop the storm that is going on in the cen

Quote1 What the hell does it take to finish this war? Quote2

Infinite Crisis Special: Rann-Thanagar War #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of April, 2006. It was published on February 1, 2006.

Synopsis for "Hands of Fate"

In the Polaris Galaxy of Sector 2682, Donna Troy is leading a number of superheroes from Earth, the Green Lantern Corps, and L.E.G.I.O.N. to stop the storm that is going on in the center of the universe being caused by a giant pair of human hands. As well as that, they're trying to stop the war that has been going on between the forces of Rann and Thanagar, since Rann was mysteriously brought into Thangar's orbit, which caused its destruction and forced the entire Thanagarian race to migrate to Rann, where war broke out between the two races. Right now, the heroes of Rann, Adam Strange, and the heroes of Thanagar, Hawkgirl and Hawkman believe that Onimar Synn, the one who was initially suspected of starting the Rann-Thanagar War, has returned, but Adam doesn't believe so, he thinks this is something completely new.

As L.E.GI.O.N. is coordinating with New Chronus on how to counter the energy waves that are coming from the storm, the Rannians have just discovered that their calculations into the reason why Rann was brought into Thanagar's orbit were wrong, and that there was something else that triggered it. Meanwhile, on a Thanagarian ship, we see Blackfire, Starfire's sister talking with the commander of the Thanagarian fleet and convinces him that the Rannians are responsible for the war, as well as to continue the attack on the Rannian ships. As the two sides resume their battle, the Earth heroes try to get into the battle to try to separate the two fleets from annihilating each other in the storm in order to unite them against the real threat of the energy hands causing the storm. As that's happening, Adam gets a transmission from Tigorr that his sensors have picked up an energy wave heading towards them from the storm. As the energy wave hits, dozens of ships on both sides of the war are destroyed, which forces the Thanagarian fleet to disengage from the battle and to retreat in order to escape the energy waves. Blackfire tries to stop him by saying that it is part of the Rannians' plan against them and is even willing to go out and lead the Thanagarians into battle.

The Earth heroes try to protect themselves against the debris coming from the destroyed ships, but Donna is nearly struck by one of the energy waves, when she's rescued by her ex-boyfriend, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Instead of thanking him, Donna just tells him that she can take care of herself. Jade convinces Kyle that she's a good leader, but the responsibility is heavy on her, which leads him to just shut up and continue the mission. Meanwhile, on New Chronus, Cyborg and the others are trying to fix their shields when they notice that the Thanagarian fleet is leaving the battle. As that's happening, Adam, the Hawks, Kilowog, and Telepath are trying to figure out what the hands are, and they realize that they're human hands, when they're interrupted by Tigorr, who tells them that he's found something that could potentially end the war, and Kilowog gets a call from Salaak, who tells him that he should head to Thanagar, and have Kyle stay and help out in the battle. As the two groups break off, Donna tells Starfire to maintain a perimeter around the Rannian fleet, while Supergirl and Red Tornado do the same with the Thanagarian fleet, while having the heroes at New Chronus try to set up a conference with the leaders of Rann and Thanagar to end the war, which leaves Kyle and Jade to deal with the hands.

Adam and the Hawks meet up with Tigorr, who leads them to a gravitational nexus where the debris has collected. He tells them that the old Omega ship collided with a stray Thanagarian surveillance satellite and that the reason why he's called them here is because the satellite has footage that goes back to right before Thanagar was destroyed. As they see the destruction of Rann, they notice a blur, which makes Adam relay the information to Sardath. Blackfire, meanwhile, is told that the have intercepted a transmission to the Rannian High Command from the Thanagarian satellite. As they're watching, they see the blur again, and they manage to freeze it, and they see a Super-boy moving Rann with his bare hands.

Now that Sardath has seen it, he realizes that the calculations now make sense and that Thanagar can no longer blame Rann for its destruction. Blackfire, who just saw the same images, tells the captain of a Tamaranean ship to attack them and destroy the satellite. They attack and manage to destroy the satellite, thus destroying all the evidence of the war's beginning.

Meanwhile, on the dead planet of Thanagar, Kilowog, Alan, and Telepath notice a few Thanagarian ships heading down to the planet. A squad of Thanagarians come out of the ship in peace and tell them that they are loyal Thanagarians, and that their leader is being seduced by a Tamaranean witch. Both Telepath and Kilowog confirm that they are telling the truth, when Telepath gets a telepathic message from Kyle for Alan, it's about his daughter Jenny and that he's needed back in space. Right after Alan leaves, the Thanagarians pick up an energy signal: they have detected Zeta Beam activity near their location, there are Rannians on Thanagar. But before they can get back in their ships and head for battle, Kilowog tells them to stop and let the Green Lantern Corps handle the situation. When Kilowog gets to the source, they find Adam, Tigorr, and the Hawks there. They are trying to find proof that there was an outside force that caused Thanagar's destruction. They manage to find a pair of hand prints that prove that Rann is innocent in starting the war. At New Chronus, the Grand Mof is told that Thanagarian scientists and L.E.G.I.O.N. confirm that the Rann was brought into Thanagar's orbit by super-human hands, which is enough information for Sardath and the Grand Mof to agree to an end to hostilities, essentially ending the Rann-Thanagar War.

As Kyle and Jade head towards the hands, they find out that the hands are pure energy being led by an intelligence and that they must try to stop the flow of energy being launched by the storm and using their Green Lantern power back on the hands to try and figure out where it's coming from and making it withdraw. Just before they're about to attack, Jen is struck by the energy and dies in her father's arms. But, before she does, she gives the green energy that Kyle gave her before back to him, which causes his powers to increase, and once again, he starts going by the name of Ion. Meanwhile, on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe have been watching the events going on in the Polaris Galaxy, including Kyle's transformation. Ganthet tells the other Guardians that like before when Kyle first transformed into Ion, they have no choice but to monitor his abilities and that their great purpose must be fulfilled.

Now that the Rannians and Thanagarians have stopped fighting each other, they are now able to concentrate on the real threat: the energy hands. New Chronus tells the forces that they are picking up a new energy wave building up. Donna is coordinating the forces into the attack, but she's not leading the forces anymore, it's Kyle Rayner, once again known simply as ION.

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  • Rannian ships
  • Tamaranean warships
  • Thanagarian warships



  • Beginning from this issue, Kyle Rayner begins going by the name of Ion once again, after releasing the Ion powers to recharge the Green Lantern Central Power Battery on Oa. This identity will continue until it is revealed that Ion is actually not Kyle Rayner, but the sentient embodiment of willpower, at the beginning of the Sinestro Corps War.

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