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Infinity, Inc. was a super-hero team composed mainly of the children of members of the Justice Society of America who applied for acceptance but were rejected. Similar to the Teen Titans of Earth-One, the resulting rejected teens went off to form their own team.


Sympathizing with the young heroes, the then-almost middle aged "Star Spangled Kid" left the JSA to help form their team and was selected as the team's leader. Power-Girl and the Huntress also left the JSA feeling somewhat out of place due to their age (though both women would rejoin the JSA shortly afterward, with Power Girl remaining only an occasional Infinitor). And the son of the JSA villain Brainwave, who was trying to get away from his father's reputation, joined the emerging team. Deciding to become an active company, the team forms as "Infinity Incorporated", using Sylvester Pemberton's movie studio, Stellar Studios in Los Angeles as their headquarters. After the Crisis On Infinite Earths took place, three new young members joined their ranks while some others left, either retiring from active duty or dying (as in the case of Hector Hall in his Silver Scarab identity, and also the Huntress). The team disbanded following the death of their leader, Skyman (the former Star Spangled Kid), who died at the hands of Injustice Unlimited.


  • In their original pre-Crisis Earth-Two reality, Helena Wayne (Huntress), the daughter of the Golden Age Batman and Catwoman, joined Infinity, Inc. along with Power Girl. With the merging of universes that took place in Crisis On Infinite Earths, Helena Wayne no longer existed, and though she survived the merging only to die along with the Earth-Two Robin near the end of the event, all memory of her existence has been erased from history in the New Earth reality.
  • Private detective Jonni Thunder and the monstrous Solomon Grundy were both, for a time, occasional allies of the team, while Patrick Dugan AKA Stripesy was employed as their mechanic.



La Garro

  • A character called La Garro wearing an orange outfit rather like Wildcat's and riding a motorcycle appeared in early promotional material for Infinity Inc but never made it into the finished book. She was eventually refashioned and appeared as Wildcat II.

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