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Infinity, Inc. was a superhero team composed mainly of the children of members of the Justice Society of America. Eventually, the team disbanded, and the rights to its name went to the Pemberton Estate. The estate was purchased by Lex Luthor, who used the name for his new team of six individuals who had been granted superpowers by his Everyman Project.


Prior to receiving their name, the team successfully foiled an attempted terrorist attack on Dearborne Air Force Base by followers of Kobra. Luthor used footage of this battle for a publicity video he planned to release, showcasing the team. He also planned many media appearances and interviews to spread the group's popularity. The media often referred to the group as "Luthor's Own Justice League."

The first public appearance of the team under their new name occurred in Las Vegas, where they fought the new Blockbuster. After the battle, they encountered the Teen Titans, who questioned the validity of using the Infinity, Inc. name, as well as their connection to Luthor. While they talked, Blockbuster freed himself, resulting in the death of Trajectory. Trajectory was replaced by Matrix, a pin-up model who had displayed superhuman strength and invisibility, similar to the original Matrix.

Jade, a new member with plant-based powers, debuted with the team on Thanksgiving Day. This led to the team being attacked by an angry Obsidian, the brother of the original Jade, who had recently died. Alan Scott intervenes and broke up the fight. Infinity, Inc. then claimed that the older heroes would soon be replaced.

Infinity Inc. made frequent appearances in the local media, acting both as a commercial stunt for the "Everyman Project", and as a control system against rogue metahumans spawned from the Project itself.

Natasha Irons began to collect evidence against Luthor and the Everyman Project for John Henry Irons and enlisted Skyman to help her. Skyman was later killed by Everyman, who then assumed his identity, and revealed Natasha's duplicity to Luthor. Luthor captured Natasha as bait to lure out Steel, and revealed that he used the exo-gene therapy on himself, now possessing the same powers as Superman. Recruiting the Teen Titans, Steel stormed LexCorp to rescue Natasha.

The Titans took on Nuklon and others while Steel faced Everyman and Luthor. Luthor severely injured Irons and impaled him with his own hammer before Natasha used it to destroy Lex's exo-gene with an electromagnetic pulse. Afterwards, the remaining members of Infinity, Inc., along with Luthor's bodyguard Mercy, were taken into custody while Natasha and John Henry reunite.


Nuklon, Jade, Matrix and Fury were among the heroes during World War III. Alan Scott asked them to help in the final push against Black Adam, only for them to refuse and flee the battlefield.

After 52

A year after the end of the Everyman Project, Natasha was living with her uncle John Henry Irons, attending psychotherapy, along with Erik, and Gerome. Another longterm patient, teenager Dale Smith, attacked his therapist, discovering his powers as a psychic vampire. Smith took the name "Kid Empty."

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