Quote1 Now I can get to work figuring out the Laws of Chance as they apply to him! Let me see! One earthquake multiplied by the square of its area ... Quote2
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Sole and undisputed master of the Laws of Chance is the god Ingob, provider of statistical tables governing the operation of much of human activity, especially weather, transportation, games of chance, and indeed of every conceivable human event. He is served by supernatural messengers, who convey his calculations and instructions to his supplicants in the mortal world.

Ingob seemingly answers prayers; he once received a special urgent request for a statistical chart dealing with the activities of Captain Marvel, and undertook the calculation of the chances of defeating or escaping from the World's Mightiest Mortal. Ingob arranged for a bottled message, from some desperate enslaved miners on a remote and dangerous island, to find its way across the ocean and into the hands of Billy Batson. Ingob used his Magic View-All Screen to observe as Captain Marvel flew to the site of this evil tyranny, and watched him easily defeat the slave-master, George Welles. Experimentally, Ingob detonated an active volcano, to observe Captain Marvel's capabilities, which were more than equal to the task.

When Welles took advantage of this distraction, and attempted to escape via helicopter, Ingob intervened and attempted to help him get away, in order to prove out his statistical theory. This worked out badly for him, despite his manipulation of the probabilities involved, and Ingob was defeated, seemingly fatally, by Captain Marvel. Sadder and wiser, Ingob returned to the House of Chance, and gave up on the idea of defeating Captain Marvel.



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