Ingrid Karlson was a doctor at Arkham asylum, She was the wife of Jeremiah Arkham, and mother of Astrid arkham shortly before her death during an Arkham Asylum riot. Not much is known about her before her job at Arkham, but her kind and caring nature toward the patients lead to her gaining even the Joker's respect. While Ingrid's childhood and upbringing is currently unknown, she did eventually, likely in her twenties or thirties, come to work as a doctor at Arkham Asylum. She was a dedicated doctor. Whenever a patient complained about pain, Ingrid wouldn't stop until the source had been identified and resolved. This behavior is what lead the Asylum's director, Jeremiah Arkham, to fall in love with her, as she had restored the ethics to his work. They started dating, and eventually, Ingrid accepted a proposal of marriage from Jeremiah. Sometime after this, she became pregnant. Jeremiah wanted her to stop working because of this, but Ingrid argued that she had to help the patients as much as she could before being put on maternity leave for six months. One day, when new patients were being transferred to the asylum, a riot broke out. Ingrid went into labor during this, as Batman attempted to stop the potential breakout. As her husband rushed through the halls to get to her, the patients began to help Ingrid. Clayface morphed himself into a privacy curtain made of mud, while Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the Joker helped deliver the baby. Meanwhile, Solomon Grundy fought off any crazed patients to came near. The Joker used his asylum uniform shirt as a swaddle for the baby, and Ingrid had given a healthy delivery to her daughter. Jeremiah arrived to see this odd, yet happy sight for a moment before one of the new patients threw a batarang at Ingrid, severing her jugular vein and killing her instantly. Jeremiah and the patients looked at the sight in shock and horror. Grundy exploded with rage and crushed the head of the patient who had thrown the batarang. After the riot quieted down, the patients all returned to their cells. Jeremiah kissed Ingrid goodbye, and picked up his newborn daughter, Astrid Arkham.




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