"The Hunt for Harley": Lobo is seen fighting clones of himself, who all proclaim themselves as "the main man." The fighting fades out to reveal Harley Quinn sitting over Lobo, who is being restrained. Harleen says he is in therapy, and that it's "time to talk about [his] feelings."

Quote1 They say ya punched a god ta death. That's pretty bad-ass. Quote2

Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1 is an issue of the series Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 13, 2013.

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Synopsis for "The Hunt for Harley"

Lobo is seen fighting clones of himself, who all proclaim themselves as "the main man." The fighting fades out to reveal Harley Quinn sitting over Lobo, who is being restrained. Harleen says he is in therapy, and that it's "time to talk about [his] feelings."

Earlier, Cyborg, Robin and Green Lantern are seen in the Watchtower as a proximity alarm goes off. Victor says the Watchtower is under attack; Hal says he'll go outside to try and stop it, but Victor says there isn't enough time and to duck. An unidentified spaceship crashes through the Watchtower, leaving two large holes on either end. Hal plugs up the hole with a green construct, asking what the ship was. Victor says it's a motorbike, as Lobo is seen flying away from the Watchtower on his motorbike.

Later, Lobo stands in Metropolis as Superman touches down, asking what he wants. Lobo asks if this was "his city," commenting on how he had planned to cause massive havoc in order to get his attention, but that someone beat him to it. Lobo says that someone put a bounty on Superman's head after he killed Kalibak, complimenting Clark on how he "punched a god ta death."

Clark walks away, saying he does not have time for Lobo. In response, the latter picks up and throws a large building towards Clark, saying "No one flies away from th' main man." Superman grabs Lobo's collar and flies above the Earth and towards the sun, wherein Lobo begins to overheat with Superman looking at him menacingly.

He flies back down to Earth, asking Lobo if he could regenerate from a single pint of blood if he was thrown into the sun. He then asks Lobo if he's "worth it." Lobo says he isn't. Superman tells Lobo that he has a job for him, and that he needs Lobo to find Harley Quinn for him.

Lobo says he'll need her scent, and Superman and Lobo fly to the Hall of Justice trophy room, where Lex Luthor is seen holding one of the super-pills. Lobo pounces on Luthor's tension, saying he smells nervous and is hiding something. The former notices one of the pills, and says he wants one of them as payment up-front for the job. Alexander tells Clark that the pill will probably have little effect on Lobo's physiology, and Clark agrees to let him take one.

Clark sends Lobo off, saying he does not want any civilian death or destruction. Lex vents his frustration and fear that something will go wrong, but Clark retains faith in Lobo, and that the latter is working within his boundaries. If Superman wants Harley Quinn, Lobo will find her.

Lobo breaks into the sewer where Harley is hiding, who confuses him for Superman. Harley swings one of her hammers at Lobo to no effect; he then handcuffs Harley and flies out of the sewer, with Lobo commenting on how her hideout fooled Superman's senses with the lead lined walls and sound distractions, but that she could not hide from the main man.

In the air, Harley fiddles with her fake mustache and quietly undoes her handcuffs. She notices the super-pill sitting in Lobo's lap, asking what it's for. Lobo tells her it will supposedly make him stronger, and that it's possible for it to improve upon his invulnerability.

When Lobo looks behind him, Harley has taken the pill and fallen off the motorcycle, crashing into a building. She runs out the side of it, with no apparent injuries to her body having occured. Lobo punches her, trying to subdue her again, but Harley comments on how she has just come out of an abusive relationship, and that no one gets to push her around again. She punches Lobo through a wall and to the street below, where Lobo collides with a bus.

In the Arrowcave, Oliver and Dinah are sparring. Ollie remains as arrogant as ever, with his ego leaving an opening for Dinah to flip him over. Green Arrow hears something outside the cave as Harley, riding Lobo's motorbike, flies in and crashes.

Oliver confronts Harleen over flying the motorbike into the cave, giving away the location of the Arrowcave in the process. Harley reaffirms her belief that "The Quiver" is a more suitable name than "Arrowcave", to which Dinah agrees. Harley mentions her being imprisoned in the Arrowcave to Black Canary, leaving Green Arrow embarrassed. Oliver stops short, remembering the one person who owns a flying motorbike. When Black Canary asks Harley if she stole the bike from Lobo, the latter goes silent as Lobo enters the cave through the hole left by his bike.

Oliver shoots twin arrows into Lobo's eyes, stunning him and Dinah uses her Canary Call on him. Harleen pounces on Lobo, ripping his head off with her untested strength.

Back in the present, Harley tells Lobo that he was mumbling in his sleep and that someone probably took a lot of power away from "the main man," and that he needed to go back and prove his superiority. Lobo agrees with her and thanks Harley for telling him what to do. He mounts his bike and flies out of the cave. Oliver and Dinah, having watched from the background, congratulate Harley on driving Lobo away for the moment.

On Apokolips, Lobo confronts Darkseid, wherein the former tells the latter that he needs to "frag somethin' worth fraggin'."


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