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"Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part Two": A grieving Superman cradles Lois Lane's lifeless body in his arms as he kneels in the wreckage of Metropolis. At Gotham Prison, Batman demands answers from the Joker for going as far to take everything from Superman. The Joker replies that he always loses t

Quote1.png I am calling for an immediate world-wide ceasefire. All hostilities will stop immediately -- or I will stop them. It's over. Quote2.png

Injustice: Gods Among Us #2 is an issue of the series Injustice: Gods Among Us (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2013.

Synopsis for "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part Two"

A grieving Superman cradles Lois Lane's lifeless body in his arms as he kneels in the wreckage of Metropolis. At Gotham Prison, Batman demands answers from the Joker for going as far to take everything from Superman. The Joker replies that he always loses to Batman and had taken a different "game" by taking on Superman instead. Meanwhile, Flash and Green Lantern make themselves useful evacuating those citizens of Metropolis who were affected by the nuclear blast.

Wonder Woman tries to comfort Superman, assuring him that it's the Joker who's responsible for Lois's death. But Superman cannot be consoled. He asks Wonder Woman to hold Lois's body and flies off, soon to be intercepted by Green Lantern, who counsels him not to go see the Joker but who, unfortunately, cannot stop the Man of Steel.

Batman's interrogation of the Joker continues. The Joker is speculating on what effect losing "it all" will have on Superman just as Superman himself smashes through the wall. He shoves aside Batman and grabs the Joker before impaling him in the chest with his entire arm. The Joker dies with a smile on his face while Batman looks on in horror.

Harley Quinn, after having been taken captive by the authorities, is using her handcuffs to strangle her police escort in the back seat of a patrol car. The cop's partner tries to intervene, but Harley shoots him - she's mourning the loss of Joker but isn't about to just give up. She drives to a safe house and, just as she's changed into her costume, Green Arrow has arrived.

Harley throws a Joker bomb that catches Arrow off guard and prepares to execute him with a handgun, but Green Arrow manages to shoot an arrow into the gun barrel, causing the gun to backfire. Harley is so impressed she insists Arrow repeat the performance. Arrow quickly captures her with a trick net arrow.

Green Arrow drags Harley into his vehicle. Harley then asks whether she's being taken to Superman. From what she's heard, Superman will almost certainly kill her if given the chance. Arrow says he believes killing is sometimes necessary, but doesn't believe in "executions." Harley annoys Arrow throughout the ride, prompting him to trick her into unconsciousness by giving her a trick arrow that releases knock-out gas in her face.

When Harley comes to, she's handcuffed to a pole at the Arrowcave, which is lead-lined so Superman can't see in. Harley reminisces about the Joker who used to knock her out and handcuff her "Every Thursday," and goes on to mock the name of Green Arrow's hideout, suggesting he call it 'The Quiver' instead. Green Arrow begrudgingly admits that it's a better name. As Green Arrow prepares to leave, he tells her not to bother using a fake hand to escape, that nowhere is safer. She says she doesn't have a fake hand: that was always the Joker's gag. She asks whether Arrow has ever loved someone he knew was wrong for him. He says he has.

Arrow turning again to leave, Harley asks a favor - that Arrow give her a "little maniacal laugh." He emphatically refuses but, turning back in pity to look at her, he sees she's done something with her face and erupts into raucous laughter at the sight of her in a fake mustache.

Unshaven and with The Joker's blood still on his arm, Superman sits in the Fortress of Solitude as countless news reports and television stations playback details of the nuclear bomb that was detonated in Metropolis, along with a clip of Commissioner Gordon being questioned over Superman's involvement in The Joker's death. When a news reporter mentions Bialya's communications blackout, to prevent information and news from leaving the country, Superman orders all of the televisions off as he flies out of the Fortress of Solitude.

In the city of Gared, Bialya, a shell is about to hit a small child before Superman shields the child. He helps the child out, who tries to thank him in Arabic even though Superman does not understand. He takes the child back to his mother, who thanks him both in English and Arabic, as do many other people who see him. Superman apologizes for not having been there earlier, and says "I'll stop this." Superman flies to the capital building of Bialya, walks through a wave of bullets and guards who attempt to physically restrain him, grabs the President and flies out of the building, saying he "wants to show [him] something."

They touch down in Gared, whereupon Superman rips the President's shirt off in front of the people he was "supposed to protect." Wonder Woman appears, who asks Superman if he wishes to speak to the world. He says yes, but Diana says to wait until Superman cleans himself up. She also says she will call a press conference at the United Nations building.

Once Superman has shaved and cleaned off the blood, he flies with the President to the United Nations building, where he almost immediately reveals his Earth identity, Clark Kent, to the world. Superman discusses how, as a reporter for the Daily Planet, he spent too much time writing about the evils of the world; as Superman, he spent too much time reacting against evils that had already happened. Superman vows to never let what happened to Metropolis to happen again. He points to the President of Bialya, who "turned his weapons against his own people." Superman says no one has the right to take innocent lives, no matter who they are or what the cause is. Superman calls for a worldwide ceasefire, saying he will personally end conflicts that do not need his warning.

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