"Injustice: Gods Among Us - Chapter 29": A flash-forward is seen with Superman and Wonder Woman, with Diana telling Kal that "it's the only way," and to burn her with his heat vision.

Quote1 You never trusted me. Two aliens and you always followed the one who looked like you. And you both underestimated me. You see yourselves as invulnerable. But right now I'm inside you. I'm in your lungs. I can strangle organs. Quote2
Martian Manhunter

Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol 1 29 (Digital) is a chapter in the digital-first series Injustice: Gods Among Us (Volume 1 (Digital)) published in 2013.

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Synopsis for "Injustice: Gods Among Us - Chapter 29"

A flash-forward is seen with Superman and Wonder Woman, with Diana telling Kal that "it's the only way," and to burn her with his heat vision.

Five minutes ago, a team of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash are travelling to the Batcave to confront Bruce. Barry and Hal are uncertain as to how to enter the Batcave, but Kal tells them that he's coming out. Bruce reveals that he is no longer holding Shiera prisoner after Diana asks, which is confirmed by Cyborg after Shiera flies to the fallen Watchtower. Lex proceeds to light a match to ensure that she is not J'onn J'onzz in disguise, to which Hawkgirl douses the flame with her fingers.

Diana gives Bruce his last ultimatum to join the League or force them to resort to violence against Batman and his Insurgents. Bruce begins to walk away, then fly up into the air, evading Barry. It is revealed that "Bruce" is J'onn J'onzz in disguise. The other three Leaguers chase him into a cloud, where J'onn goes intangible. When Hal attempts to locate the Martian with his ring, J'onn knocks him out of the air. Diana follows Hal to rescue him. J'onn, in his Martian form, confronts Superman. J'onn tells Kal that Bruce has left the cave, and that he is long gone. When Superman asks the Manhunter why he is working with Batman's Insurgents, J'onn presents Kal with a flashback of J'onn and his family's exile on Mars. They are being terrorized and taunted by several White Martians. His daughter, K'hym, is kidnapped by one of them, and J'onn is pulled into the opposite direction from her. While this is occuring, J'onn tells Kal that he felt then as the people of Earth feel now: they are dominated and subjugated by a superior race of beings who they are powerless to stop. The Manhunter shows Superman a flashback of Lois and Kal in space, shortly after her death.

Diana reappears and grabs J'onn. He changes forms to wrap around her arm, then body, with plant-like vines. He infiltrates her body and begins to strangle her internal organs. Wonder Woman tells Superman that the only way to kill J'onn and save herself is for Kal to use his heat-vision on her. Superman obliges, seemingly killing J'onn and sending him to the ocean below. Bruce looks on in a pair of binoculars, seeing J'onn's apparent death.



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