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* [[Trigon (Injustice: The Regime)|Trigon]]
* [[Trigon (Injustice: The Regime)|Trigon]]
| Notes = ~
| Notes =
{{Image|Bane Earth V 0001.jpg|Bane's concept art in [[Injustice: Gods Among Us]]|right}}
* The universe where [[Kal-El (Injustice: The Regime)]] became a tyrant is refered to as Earth V by the developers like shown in their concept art but it's not the official name used by DC.
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| Trivia =
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| Links =

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This article refers to the universe that exists in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic and the alternate universe that appears in the video game. For the "Prime Earth" universe, see Injustice: Earth One.


The Injustice: The Regime universe is the reality in which the events of the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic and video game occur, and the reality that various members of a Justice League from another world are sent to in order to aid this world's Batman.




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