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On Earth-22, Clark Kent and Lois Lane live as a couple in Metropolis. One night, Clark discovers thanks to his powers that Lois is pregnant. Faced with the happiness of this news, Clark tells Lois that he will do everything necessary to give her u

Injustice is a 2021 animated movie released under the line DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It is a film adaptation of Tom Taylor's Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Synopsis for "Injustice (Movie)"

On Earth-22, Clark Kent and Lois Lane live as a couple in Metropolis. One night, Clark discovers thanks to his powers that Lois is pregnant. Faced with the happiness of this news, Clark tells Lois that he will do everything necessary to give her unborn child a good home, to which Lois calms him down, saying that there will be time for everything. At the same time, Clark finds out from his super audition that Batman is in Metropolis and decides to help him with some criminals. Both heroes begin a conversation in which Batman tells Superman that he knows about Lois's pregnancy because he was able to notice her emotional state which was similar to the one he had in his confrontation with Doomsday. Meanwhile, at the Metropolis docks, Lois and Jimmy Olsen are covering a story for the Daily Planet, when suddenly, the Joker and Harley Quinn kill Jimmy, kidnap Lois and steal a nuclear weapon, which they connect to a monitor. rhythm device surgically attached to Lois's heart. Learning of Lois's capture, Batman calls out to all members of the Justice League to find her. The Flash finds Scarecrow dead in his lab and his supply of fear toxin gone, before being killed by a trap set by the Joker.

Superman eventually finds the Joker and Harley hiding in a submarine, but is attacked by Doomsday while confronting them, and proceeds to launch the monster into space. As the other heroes arrive and apprehend the Joker and Harley, Batman realizes that they have mixed the Fear Toxin with Kryptonite, and used it to make Superman hallucinate that he is fighting Doomsday; in reality, he has beaten Lois to death. Batman tries to warn Superman, but it is too late; Lois' heartbeat stops, causing the nuke to detonate, destroying Metropolis and killing 11 million people.

Under Batman's interrogation, Joker reveals that he had grown tired of their losing battle and sought to try and corrupt Superman instead. Moments later, Superman crashes the interrogation. Acting out of grief and rage at the loss of his wife, unborn child and his city, Superman brutally kills Joker.

While Green Arrow takes Harley to his hideout to protect her from Superman's wrath, Superman reveals his identity before the United Nations and announces his intentions to bring peace to Earth, by force if necessary. The Justice League is left divided over Superman's actions; some members, such as Wonder Woman, support his new methods, while others, like Batman, keep their no-killing vow. Other heroes, such as Aquaman and Shazam, refuse to choose sides and leave the League.

Meanwhile, the United States government becomes concerned that Superman will interfere in their operations, and have Mirror Master kidnap Jonathan Kent as leverage against him. Superman begins to question his actions, but Wonder Woman reassures him that he is doing the right thing and offers to help him find Jonathan. Confronting Mirror Master, Wonder Woman learns Jonathan's whereabouts and takes his belt, which Superman uses to find and rescue his father. Elsewhere, Batman confronts the President and warns him that Superman will kill him if he finds out that he ordered Jonathan's capture.

Later, Superman visits Batman in the Batcave to make peace, but they get into an argument over their ideological views and Batman refuses to join Superman. While trying to stop Superman from relocating Arkham Asylum inmates to a more secure facility, Batman and Nightwing are shocked to discover that Robin has joined Superman. Harley, who has escaped from Green Arrow and decided to become a hero, releases the inmates, forcing Batman and Superman to temporarily put their differences aside to fight them. During the battle, Robin lashes out in anger and accidentally kills Nightwing. After learning about the incident from Superman, Catwoman comforts Batman. Meanwhile, Nightwing meets Rama Kushna in the afterlife, who transforms him into Deadwing.

While Superman allies with Ra's al Ghul, Batman forms an underground resistance and makes plans to steal a red sun cannon from the Fortress of Solitude. During the break-in, Ra's kills the Atom and destroys the cannon, Superman overpowers Captain Atom, and Jonathan, whom Superman had been keeping safe at the Fortress, is accidentally killed by one of Green Arrow's arrows, causing a grief-stricken Superman to murder him in revenge. After Superman transforms the Earth into a police state using surveillance drones, Batman has Plastic Man break Mister Terrific out of prison and leaks video footage of Superman killing a group of partying teenagers inspired by Joker to ruin his public image.

In response, Superman dispatches Amazo to enforce global peace, but the android quickly turns violent as Ra's had secretly programmed it to kill Superman. Amazo, who is able to replicate Superman's powers, kills Hawkman and Cyborg, but Batman and his allies arrive and help Superman and Wonder Woman destroy the android. Meanwhile, Robin, having had a change of heart, duels and defeats Ra's with Deadwing's help.

Despite their aid, Superman prepares to have the insurgents arrested and incapacitates Wonder Woman after she turns on him, but is confronted by Superman from Earth-One, who was brought into this universe by Mr. Terrific. Earth-22 Superman defeats his counterpart as the latter was holding back, but surrenders after being met with Lois from Earth-9, who lost her Superman after becoming pregnant with his child, and she reminds Earth-22's that life is sacred. Realizing how far he has fallen, Superman willingly agrees to be imprisoned. Although unsure of what will happen next, Batman makes preparations to rebuild the world and his life with Catwoman.

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  • The film contains a some references to the Injustice games:
    • Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Joker, Cyborg, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Shazam, Raven and Solomon Grundy have their designs based on their Injustice: Gods Among Us standard skin.
    • Harley Quinn, Robin, Atom, Reverse-Flash and Deadshot have their designs based on their Injustice 2 standard gear set.
    • Doomsday appears as a hallucination with his design based on his Injustice: Gods Among Us standard skin.
    • The hologram of the multiverse used by Mr. Terrific is based on the Multiverse Mode's interface from Injustice 2.
    • Superman's attacks at full power on Earth-1 Superman are based on his super moves from Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

Differences between the comics and video games titles with the animated adaptation

  • Although this film adapts the year one of the Injustice saga comics, it ends up mixing with the year 3 comics (with the presence of Dick Grayson as Deadwing), the Injustice 2 comics (with the appearances of Ra's al Ghul and Amazo) and first game (with the appearance of Earth-1 Superman).
  • The Flash has a major role in the Injustice saga, both in the comics and in the games. However, in this film his participation lasts less than a minute and he is killed by falling into one of the Joker's traps.
  • Unlike the titles seen, here it seems that Scarecrow really is dead.
  • The roles Aquaman, Shazam and Hal Jordan have in the film are minor compared to their roles in the comic books and games, which is much larger, with Shazam and Hal being part of the Regime and Aquaman being neutral until forced be part of Superman's rule.
  • Mister Terrific never participated in the events of the first five years of Injustice, nor is he even part of the Insurgency in the comics.
  • Just like in the comics, Nightwing dies due to being accidentally killed by Robin. The difference is that in the comic, he loses his balance and breaks his neck on a rock on the ground, while Robin breaked him the skull with one of his own sticks.
    • In addition, Nightwing does not participate until year three, where he is chosen by Boston Brand to become the second Deadman, while in the tape he is directly chosen by Rama Kushna who turns him into Deadwing.
  • Unlike her comic book counterpart, Diana doesn't remain evil throughout the movie. She sides with Batman after finding out Superman slaughtered teens for idolizing Joker, and wanting to arrest Batman and his team after the defeat of Amazo.

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