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The Injustice Gang was a team of Super-Villains whose sole purpose is to destroy the Justice League.


First Incarnation

Lex Luthor realized that he and the world's villains were no match for the Justice League. So he got the best villains he could find to create the first incarnation of the Injustice Gang

The Injustice Gang disbanded after the Justice League attacked them at their headquarters.

Second Incarnation

Later, the group was reformed by Aresia in order to help her gather the components she would need to create a virus that would wipe out the world's entire male population while leaving the female population unharmed. Once she had completed the virus she quickly exposed the Injustice Gang's male members to the virus and revealed her agenda to the remaining female members quickly convincing them to join her in her cause. Unfortunately for Aresia, the Justice League's surviving female members thwarted her malicious intentions with some help from Wonder Woman's mother Hippolyta.


Following the downfall of the second Injustice Gang, Grodd chose to create a new team of villains based on the Injustice Gang, but encouraging greater cooperation and team-work among it's members in order to avoid the infighting that was rampant among the members of the Injustice Gang.

Twenty years into the future, Bruce Wayne repurposed the Injustice Gang's old satellite headquarters to serve as the new base of operations for the Metal Men.


Transportation: None
Weapons: Star Sapphire's ring, guns

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