The Injustice Guild was a supervillain team that existed on a parallel Earth universe similar to the one that the Justice League inhabited.


It was headquartered in a cave near a rocky cliff on the outskirts of Seaboard City, where their main nemeses were superheroes that belonged to the Justice Guild of America. Presumably they all perished when a war broke out among the nations, and a bomb tore through the city, leaving one person behind: Ray Thomson. Mutated and now possessing great mental abilities, Ray recreated the whole city and brought the Justice Guild members back to life as living illusions, while trapping those who managed to survive the bomb blast as his prisoners, putting them under his control. He also brought back all the members of the Injustice Guild as living illusions. When the Justice League exposed Ray for what he really is, the Justice Guild vanished as did also the Injustice Guild.


Transportation: A blimp that they attempted to use as a getaway vehicle. Music Master rode in a rocket-powered car that resembled a clarinet, Sir Swami used his wand to teleport himself, and Dr. Blizzard creates ice trails to slide on with his headband. The Sportsman presumably steals other people's vehicles.


  • The Injustice Guild appeared in the Justice League episode "Legends", which was based on the classic "Flash Of Two Worlds" story.
  • Sir Swami was voiced by Jeffrey Jones.
  • Dr. Blizzard was voiced by Corey Burton.
  • Sportsman was voiced by Michael McKean.
  • Music Master was voiced by Udo Kier.


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