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Injustice Incarnate was a team made up of heroes and villains from across the Multiverse whose worlds have been threatened or damaged by the various crises that originate on Earth 0.


Psycho-Pirate approached each of the members individually and offered them a chance to protect their worlds from Earth 0. By the time the heroes on the team found out they were working for Darkseid it was too late to pull out, but Machinehead believed that the dangers of the Multiverse were worse than Darkseid and the others agreed.

Machinehead brought Injustice Incarnate to the House of Heroes, where they overpowered the members of Justice Incarnate. The Justice Society of Earth 0 crashed on Darkseid's base Earth Omega and so Psycho-Pirate called Injustice Incarnate in to protect a turbine on the planet which Darkseid was using to crack open the Multiverse and reach the Great Darkness beyond. They responded, bringing Justice Incarnate with them in chains.

Roy Harper freed Justice Incarnate and the two sides battled until President Superman foiled Darkseid's plan by destroying the turbine. Darkseid declared that everything was lost and executed Machinehead when he demanded to keep fighting, then returned everyone to their native universes, dissolving the team.

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