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The Injustice League was an attempt by Tess Mercer to assemble a team of heroes.


The team consisted of metahumans, who had been kept at the Black Creek 33,1 facility in Montana, a LuthorCorp project.[1]

Mercer had them trained to become a team, to look out for each other. However, problems arose when Mercer sent them out to locate the monster known as Doomsday. Her plan had been for them to locate Doomsday, after which she'd send in Clark Kent to combat and defeat the monster. Under no circumstances were they to confront Doomsday themselves. But, Livewire and Neutron found themselves confronted by the beast, while the other members were elsewhere. Neutron died in the ensuing battle and Livewire announced that she was leaving the team. This prompted Parasite to remove her abilities, while a small explosive in her head was activated, killing her.[1]

Upon discovering the latter, Mirror informed Parasite and Plastique about her suspicions that Mercer had been the one behind it, but they rejected Mirror's claims. After Mirror was killed the same way as Livewire, Plastique and Parasite came to believe her and took Mercer hostage. This led to a confrontation between them, Clark and Green Arrow. Parasite and Plastique were taken into custody.[1]


  • The team was never identified by an official name. After Plastique and Parasite turn on Tess Mercer, they announce that they intend to form their own "League".[1]


  • It is unknown if Tess Mercer assembled the team under orders from Checkmate.
  • In "Prey" Mirror attempted to recruit Randy Klein,[2] but he wasn't shown as part of the team in "Injustice". However, in "Injustice", Mirror shows Clark the profiles of eight members of the team, while only five members appears in the episode. Leaving three unidentified members, including a man and a woman.[1]

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