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The Injustice League Dark was a team of magic-based super-villains brought together by the ancient sorceress Circe.


The team was created as a counter to the Justice League Dark, a team of supernatural super-heroes who deal with supernatural threats. Its original members included Circe, Floronic Man, Klarion (and his familiar Teekl), Papa Midnite and Solomon Grundy.[1] They had reasonable success against their heroic counter parts and were able to neutralize the members Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and Detective Chimp before the Justice League Dark could respond. Circe would resurrect the dragon Drakul Karfang to briefly join the League when they attacked the Hall of Justice but she would be killed in the same attack. The League attempted to gain the power of Eclipso by unleashing him from the Justice League Dark but they failed and were forced to flee after Circe was imprisoned by Wonder Woman and the new Doctor Fate.[2]

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