Inque was the archenemy of Terry McGinnis, the second Batman, whom she clashed with while working as a mercenary on many occasions. A.L.F.R.E.D. considered her to be the most dangerous of all his foes.

After Brother Eye wiped out or converted most of humanity, he kidnapped Inque's daughter, and forced her to work for him under the threat of him killing her daughter if she didn't.

When the third Batman attempted to rescue Max Gibson and Barbra Gordon from Eye's compound The Lodge, Inque thwarts and captures him, only for him to escape soon afterward.

Upon dicovering that Eye has Inque's daughter held captive on the moon, Batman tells Inque that if she helps him burn The Lodge to the ground and get out the captives, he'll rescue her daughter and bring her back to Inque. Inque agreed, and helped Batman, then escaped before the Lodge exploded.


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