The Inquisitor is a dark vigilante who deems all crimes equal and demanding of death.

The Inquisitor died in 1944 from falling into a vat of molten steel while in battle with La Sangre, believing her to be some form of witch or demon.[1] Unexpectedly, he had found himself in Hell, and consequently made a deal with Satan to first be allowed to possess his own acolytes, and later to return to his own body. In order to fulfil this deal he was required to offer souls to Satan.[2]

Returning to Barcelona in the 21st Century, he sent a video message to accompany his return, in which he condemned those who participate in Barcelona's Fashion Week, whom he planned to disfigure within the day if La Sangre did not come before him and kill herself. As an incentive, he had already killed a model, and peeled the skin from her face, which he held up as a trophy for the camera.[3]

Controlling his acolytes, the Inquisitor had them each go to one of the places of his previous defeats with the sole exception of Basilica de la Sangrada Família, then show their intentions to commit suicide, and follow through before the police could arrive to interrogate them. He later was found by La Sangre herself in the Basilica, where Shade arrived.[1]

The massive device to which the Inquisitor strapped all of his hostages was a sort of "Soul Bomb" which, while powering its blast with the souls of those hostages would then consume the souls of the entire populous of Barcelona. He revealed that he had five acolytes commit suicides at the sites of five of his previous crimes because those crimes had been committed in the name of God, and as such, he needed to consecrate them for Satan with the sin of suicide, creating a pentagram. Naturally, La Sangre vowed to stop his plan, just as Shade was entering the scene, and went into combat with the Inquisitor, truly a demon who had fought Shade as early as 1901, before his blood had been replaced with shadows and his power had increased.

Some time later, the trio of heroes, including Shade, La Sangre, and Montpellier, could not be sure that the Inquisitor was banished to the shadow realm, but it seemed likely. Montpellier explained that the reason that he knew the Inquisitor's plan was vulnerable was because after 1926, the street on which the crime was committed was moved. So, when he had tried to reconsecrate the location with a suicide, it had been in the wrong place.[2]



  • Power Limitation: The Inquisitor's powers rely upon a deal he made with Satan. If he does not provide souls, he will be trapped in Hell without being able to escape.



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