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Quote1.png Batman is the face of the Insurgency. If he dies, it dies with him. Quote2.png
Lex Luthorsrc

The Insurgency was founded after Batman was dismissed as a member of the Justice League. Superman removed him after he heard Bruce trying to coerce Aquaman into taking a pacifist approach, instead of the defensive position that Aquaman had taken over Atlantis and the oceans.


Batman hacks back into the Justice League communication network in order to convince Barry Allen into realizing what he's doing and into joining Batman's Insurgency. Bruce and Richard Grayson later go to confront the Justice League at Arkham Asylum and prevent them from taking the inmates to a secure facility, far away. Harley Quinn unleashes the inmates, including Solomon Grundy onto the League and Insurgency, and in the ensuing chaos, Damian Wayne kills Richard Grayson.

Batman is later asked by the United States Government to take down Superman. The President presents Bruce with a list of people who have not aligned themselves with Superman's Regime. These people come to be the newest Insurgents, consisting of Aquaman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Batwoman, Huntress and Captain Atom.

Martian Manhunter has also joined Batman's ranks in secret; he acts as a spy when Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern discover Lex Luthor in Metropolis. He also spies on them on the Justice League Watchtower.

The Insurgency kidnaps Hawkgirl and replaces her with Martian Manhunter, who has transformed to look and sound like Shiera. He acts as a mole for the Insurgency and Batman, feeding them information and intel.

When Kalibak and armies from Apokolips invade the Earth, the Insurgency helps fight back the armies and save lives. The lives of Green Arrow and Black Canary are saved by Superman when he vaporizes hordes of Parademons before they can kill the couple.

The Insurgency then confronts a mob of Superman's cultists, who have rapidly grown in number following Superman's heroic salvation of Earth. Following a brief skirmish, the Justice League appears and disperses both the mob and Insurgents.

When Robin teleports to the Batcave and throws Alfred into the Batcomputer, Hawkgirl/Manhunter enters the Batcave and saves Robin's life after Bruce's giant penny is knocked over. Robin becomes immediately suspicious and foils his disguise, knowing that Hawkgirl was not strong enough to lift Batman's giant penny, and that she is not supposed know where the Batcave is.

The Justice League then reveals Batman's identity to the world; in a failed attempt to stop him, Batman activates Protocol Icarus, disabling all electronic screens and the Watchtower.

Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Hal Jordan then attempt to attack Batman to release Hawkgirl. When Shiera flies back to the fallen Watchtower and puts out a matchstick lit by Lex Luthor, Diana gives Bruce his last warning to stop trying to apprehend the Justice League, or she "will respond with force." Batman then flies into the air and is revealed to be Martian Manhunter. In the air, J'onn confronts Superman and explains why he never joined the Justice League. Wonder Woman attempts to kill J'onn, but he enters her body and begins to suffocate her lungs and various organs. Diana tells Kal that she has to use his heat vision on her, as it's "the only way!" Martian Manhunter burns and falls into the water below as Bruce looks on.

Batman reveals the existence of the "super-pills" to the rest of the Insurgency, and that they are being held in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Superman convinces the President to create a distraction large enough for the Insurgents to enter the fortress undetected. When a team of Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Atom and Catwoman attempt to steal the pills when the United States Army launches an attack on Korea, it is revealed that Jonathan and Martha Kent are in the cave. As soon as the Insurgents step into the fortress, Superman feels his parents in jeopardy and flies back.

Superman and Captain Atom fight, caving in part of the ceiling of the fortress and separating Green Arrow and the Kents from Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman who are outside the fort. As Captain Atom is about to kill Superman, Wonder Woman cuts into the matrix that powers Nathaniel. Atom says that he will detonate in a several megaton explosion and take out the entire north pole, should he choose to do nothing. Instead, he grabs Superman and flies high above the Earth in an attempt to kill the Kryptonian.

Diana intervenes, saving Superman's life but badly injuring herself. Superman returns to the cave to attack Oliver Queen, who realizes that he will not be able to fight off Kal-El. Instead, he fires an arrow with one of the pills attached out of a hole in the Fortress' ceiling.

Superman then kills Green Arrow, punching him to death until Martha Kent restrains him, having taken one of the pills. Kal notices that another pill is gone, besides the one his mother took, and flies to the Batcave to confront Bruce. Bruce, meanwhile, returns to the Insurgency base and informs the other Insurgents that Oliver Queen and Nathaniel Adam have died. He says he needs to go to the Batcave to analyze the contents of the pill, even though it is the first place Kal will look for him. Bruce instructs the others to hide, having to use a sleep gas on Selina to prevent her from following him.

In the Batcave, an unknown figure hacks the Batcomputer and tells Batman that "He's coming!" and to leave the Batcave. Bruce simply replies "No he's not. He's here," as Kal flies into the cave.

Bruce stalls Kal long enough for the computer to analyze the pill, guilting Superman over Lois' and Oliver's death. Before analysis is complete, Kal breaks Bruce's back, snapping two of his lumbar vertebrae. Alfred then enters, having ingested the Super-Pill. He slams his face into Kal's, breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground. Alfred, enraged, repeatedly punches and kicks Kal over Richard's death and, now, Batman's back.

Alfred picks Bruce up and carries him to the Batcave teleporter, where they leave for parts unknown.



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