Deathstroke and Calculator send Villain players, and Question and Oracle send Hero players, to infiltrate Intergang in order to steal the Crime Bible from Bruno Mannheim. They first send the players to an Intergang penthouse in Gotham City to interrogate the Intergang Underboss on the bible's location. Upon interrogating the Underboss, the players learn that the Crime Bible's prophecy states that it promises infinite power once Bruno Mannheim kills the daughter of Cain. When the players go through the sewers to get to a mysterious warehouse, they witness Batwoman getting captured with her being the daughter of Cain. After the players defeat Kyle Abbot and Whisper A'Daire, Calculator sends the players some possible locations where Bruno Mannheim and his Crime Bible might be which eventually led them to the Temple of Crime. When the players arrive, Bruno Mannheim sacrifices Batwoman and gains enough power to fight them.


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