The mysterious Interior League were actually a trio of country western singers called the Real McCoys who had been transformed into a team of costumed villains by the Enigma.


The Enigma's motivations for doing this speak largely of his growing need for a sense of identity. The Enigma had patterned himself after the titular hero from a 1970s Enigma comic book authored by Titus Bird. He had also used his powers of mind control and biological manipulation to transform three unwitting victims, Roger Cliff, Victor Lamont and Victoria Yes, into living incarnations of villains featured in the comic. To maintain the thematic structure of the internalized world he was creating for himself, the Enigma would then track down, fight and kill his known adversaries. The original comic title was discontinued after issue #3 however and the Enigma soon found himself with no more villains left to fight, so he decided to create new ones.

The Enigma selected the members of the Real McCoys at random and transformed them into the three villains that would make up the Interior League: Carpet Man, Wall Eye and Pretty as a Picture. Their costumes were patterned after the wallpaper and carpet that the Enigma found within the destroyed childhood home of a man named Michael Smith.

The Interior League's MO was to break into an unsuspecting victim's house in the middle of the night and rearrange all of the furniture while the family slept. While this practice seemed fairly harmless, there was an inexplicable quality to their arrangements, one that triggered psychotic breaks in those who viewed their handiwork. One victim named John Cade, after seeing what the Interior League had done, beheaded his wife, then took his own life by impaling himself with a sharpened leg from a coffee table. In the span of one evening, the Interior League broke into five separate homes. The ramifications of their actions resulted in the deaths of twelve people.

The Enigma allowed their actions to continue long enough for their victims' bodies to be discovered and the crimes made headline news. The Enigma tracked them down and found them in the midst of raiding another home. With little sympathy, he played the self-appointed role of "hero" and brutally fought against them, killing all three League members in the process.

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