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"The Alien Alliance": The Dominators and the Khunds are performing an experiment on a control group of fifty average humans, to see if they will develop super-powers under duress. To test this theory, they are all put through the Blaster-Field... a gauntlet of instant

Quote1.png It's the politicians we should be toasting. For once they've shown some backbone -- done the right thing. And I for one have never been prouder to print any story. So, sure -- I'll raise my glass with the staff. We'll drink to victory even as we stand on the edge of defeat. But, by Caesar, at least we stand united. Quote2.png
Perry White

Invasion! #1 is an issue of the series Invasion! (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1988.

Synopsis for "The Alien Alliance"

The Dominators and the Khunds are performing an experiment on a control group of fifty average humans, to see if they will develop super-powers under duress. To test this theory, they are all put through the Blaster-Field... a gauntlet of instantaneous death and destruction. Much to the surprise of the scientists, a total of six people survive. The diverse group is comprised of Amos Monroe, Carlotta Rivera, Dexter Fairfax, Fritz Klein, Moshe Levy, and even the Justice League's old mascot Snapper Carr. This is the group that will later become the Blasters.

Dominators' summit

The number of survivors shocks the scientists, who come to realize that the unpredictable evolutionary development of humanity is even more of a threat than they previously thought. They consider Earth a breeding ground for a potential future super-race of metahumans that must be destroyed before they can develop.

Alien Alliance

It is time to take action against the humans. Plans are put into motion by the caste-leaders. An Alien Alliance will be formed from any race willing to throw in with them in a massive invasion force against Earth. All opposition is stifled early, and any agitators are dealt with harshly. A number of former Green Lanterns are assassinated for verbally defending humanity. Warlike races from across the galaxy join the alliance, including Citadel, the Durlans, Gil'Dishpan, Psions, Thanagarians and the Warlords of Okaara. Daxam agrees to assist in a strictly research capacity, and the Spider Guild agree to work as mercenaries.

A Starlag is established, a gigantic containment unit used for prisoners-of-war in the upcoming conflict. The Citadel volunteers for this position. Adam Strange surrenders voluntarily to avoid conflict with Rann, knowing that he can disappear at any time with the Zeta-Beam. He becomes cell-mates with Garryn Bek, a jaded but honest police officer from Cairn who has also been detained. While spying on the Alliance, Strange looks for ways to fight back against their captors. Although the beam eventually zaps him back to Earth, he is immediately recaptured by an advance Khund outpost. For his disobedience, the Citadelians randomly target prisoners and murder them as a deterrent to future troublemakers. Bek is forced to room with Vril Dox, a ruthlessly intellectual Coluan who is also hell-bent on making his escape.

The Omega Men receive immediate trouble from the Alliance, and they're decimated by a Durlan assault. Ambushed in space with a fake distress call from Primus, Tigorr leads his forces in a desperate last stand facing certain doom. Felicity, Green Man and Ynda are killed in the conflict. After their sentient ship is blown up, the survivors are rounded up and imprisoned.

After lengthy arming and preparation, an advance force is sent to Earth comprised of dozens and dozens of gigantic galactic battle cruisers from all different civilizations. After briefly marveling at it with disgust, they launch their invasion. A beachhead is established by the Khunds in Melbourne, Australia, where they will meet the least metahuman resistance.

Khunds invade Australia

Thousands of innocent civilians are brutally slaughtered, and the city is nearly leveled. It is a devastating first strike intended to demonstrate the Khunds' sheer capacity for violence. After systematically annihilating all of Australia's armed forces, they kill the rest of the surrounding populace just for fun. The remaining parts of the continent are transformed into a single great concentration camp. Tasmanian Devil is captured during a raid on a Justice League Embassy.

Daily Planet Special Edition

The Daxamites discover that in the presence of Earth's yellow sun, they develop great powers similar to those of Superman. Although they consider joining the fighting forces of the rest of the alliance, their leader Kel Gand would have them remain neutral.

The Spectre wishes to intervene with his mighty powers, but is forbidden by the Lords of Order. They decree that were he to interfere, the Lords of Chaos would be inclined to have their agents do the same... and the conflict would escalate vastly out of their control. In fact, the actions of any heroes mystical in origin could be perceived as just such an affront. Earth will receive no supernatural help in this crisis.

Across the world, there is political turmoil. Earth has never faced such a massive unified external threat, and the Dominators lead them to believe they can attempt diplomatic reconciliation. An order goes out from the President not to take any offensive action against the alien forces. This executive order especially includes the Justice League. Broadcasting around the Earth, the Dominators make an announcement... they will spare Earth the needless slaughter and destruction if they will simply Surrender their Superheroes. The United Nations goes into a heated debate, and makes their decision. The next morning at the Daily Planet, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen toast the new headline... showing the aliens exactly where Earth thinks they can shove their ultimatum.

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Invasion! First Strike


  • The Dominators mention that the Guardians of the Universe designated Earth as the site for the next great evolutionary advancement in the universe, similar to their own. This happened back in Green Lantern (Volume 2) #200.
  • This is the second appearance of Vril Dox, originally introduced as Brainiac 2 back in Superman #167. His character is completely revamped since his first appearance, where he was only shown as a child, see excerpt.
  • Although Medphyll is apparently killed in this issue, he has the ability to transfer his consciousness into other plant-life, and survives the encounter.
  • The Alien Alliance receives a strict warning from Darkseid that they must not destroy Earth, for he has interests there. He is speaking of the Anti-Life Equation. This also justifies why the Alliance does not simply obliterate the Earth from afar.
  • The Daily Planet's headline, "Earth to Invaders: DROP DEAD!", was a reference to the October 30, 1975 issue of the New York Daily News, whose headline reads, "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD".

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