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Invictus was a leader of an angelic race, who were guarding the worlds of Vega System, before the Green Lantern Corps.

They taught the people a life of righteousness and humility. In hard times, the inhabitants of the Vega System resorted to prayer, but ultimately they fell. Invictus rose from the ashes of the system and returned his newly built dimension to a life of prayer again, however he influenced their lives by making himself their true god and leader.

Later, through the investigation of a few Corps members, Invictus revealed that it was Larfleeze that attacked and destroyed his race. In an effort to fight back he broke the barrier between dimensions, a rule that was strictly forbidden by the Vega System. Creating the Council of Virtues to help him defend themselves against Larfleeze, he fled the system and built his own version of it which he dubbed the Orrery. After the deaths of many members of the Council, Invictus took less bold approaches to dealing with Larfleeze. One of which included using power rings for an unspecified reason and to destroy the Vega System, seeing his own version as the perfect one.




  • Wings: (Formerly) Ripped out and removed by Larfleeze.



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