The Invisible Empire was a criminal cabal squashed by Federal Man Steve Carson.


In the mid-1930s, a cabal of renegade scientists waged war against the United States, using advanced submarines, robots, and other technology. They destroyed the Capitol Building, then smashed several skyscrapers in another city, and killed thousands of civilians. Afterward, this carnage was never mentioned again.

They were infiltrated and defeated by the Federal Men, most notably Steve Carson. It is not believed that any of these scientific criminals survived the destruction of their artificial island base, but their actual names are unknown.



  • advanced gas masks


  • advanced submarine
  • gigantic troop-carrying cargo-loading tank, several hundred feet tall, with conventional artillery
  • wingless airplanes


  • giant robots, several hundred feet tall, with death ray eyes
    • three of these were smashed and submerged in the Atlantic Ocean.

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