Irena was the loyal assistant and lover to Rex Rogan, the CEO of Repli-Tech Industries. It was Irena who first presented the company's board members with the devastating news that Repli-Tech was going bankrupt. To save themselves from lives of destitution and possible imprisonment, Rex Rogan had all of the board members, as well as Irena, participate in a scientific experiment that transformed them into human-animal hybrids. Irena was transformed into a dark-skinned cat-woman and began referring to herself simply as Reena.

Rogan (now known as Maximus Rex) used his newfound gifts to establish a gladiatorial combat stadium called the Arena. At the Arena, wealthy patrons would pay top dollar to watch the Ani-Men slaughter captured civilians for sport. Although Reena remained loyal to Rex for quite a while, it was only a matter of time before her conscience could no longer allow her to play witness to such atrocities.

Reena encountered the Justice League member known as Firestorm and begged him for sanctuary. After hearing her tale, Firestorm brought Reena to the Justice League Satellite to keep her safe from Maximus Rex's blood-lust. The other League members did not readily trust Reena, believing that she was just as responsible as the other Ani-Men for the atrocities that had been committed. Still, they investigated the matter and Reena remained aboard the satellite.

They eventually outfitted Reena with a micro-transmitter that enabled the League to track Rex and the Ani-Men to a small island off the coast of Newfoundland. Rex was enraged at Reena's betrayal and the two came to blows. The fight was inconclusive however, as the process that had granted the Ani-Men their powers was now devolving them into a completely animalistic state. Reena transformed fully into a cat and remained on the island.


  • Reena has naturally green eyes, but when she gets into a feral state they become solid white.



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