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Quote1.png Think about your best friend. It could be your wife, your father, someone you grew up with. It's the person you can't wait to talk to at the end of the day. The person who knows everything about you, who roots for you. Now imagine you discover your best friend has a secret - no, not a secret, a universe of secrets - would you confront him? Would you stay silent? Either way you know nothing will ever be the same again. Quote2.png
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Iris West is a journalist in Central City, as well as the best friend and later wife of Barry Allen, also known as the Flash. She is also a secondary leader of Team Flash and the boss of newspaper The Central City Citizen.

Iris is the daughter of Joe and Francine West. When she was a child, Francine abandoned her family, making Iris grow up with Joe alone. Iris met Barry Allen when his mother was murdered by a "man in yellow" and Joe adopted him to live with them. Years later, Barry was struck by lightning and fell into a coma; Iris was going to visit him every day. In the meantime, Iris started dating police detective Eddie Thawne, who was her father's partner. When Barry woke up, metahumans started to appear in the city, including Flash, which Iris would later discover was Barry.

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  • Time Sickness


  • Pistols
  • B.O.O.T

  • Iris's birthday is June 24, 1989.[10]



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