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After the real Iris West was abducted by "Eva McCulloch" into the Mirrorverse, a mirror copy of her was released into Earth-Prime, posing as Iris West.

The mirror version of Iris West was created by "Eva McCulloch" in the aftermath of the her original self's abduction; the clone assumed the role of Iris and entered Barry Allen's life without anyone knowing about her real identity. However, her main goal was to prepare every detail for Eva's return.

During a dinner between Barry and "Iris", they were attacked by Amunet Black; later, the couple teamed up to defeat her by bringing her and Goldface back together.

In order to fullfill her mother's plan, "Iris" recovered the Mirror Gun. Days later, after Wally West's return, she was photographed with him by Kamilla Hwang: despite her warnings to erase the photo, Iris sent her to the Mirrorverse, replacing her with a duplicate.

During a fake interview with Tina McGee at the Mercury Labs, "Iris" tried to steal a prismatic refractor for her mother but a Black Hole enforcer, Sunshine, got it for his master, Joseph Carver. Eventually, "Iris" helped Barry defeat Sunshine so that she could obtain the refractor for herself.

After Joe West was forced to hide from the Black Hole who targeted him for his investigation, Eva McCulloch ordered her to enact the final part of their plan so "Iris" had a fight with Barry and made him leave their apartment. Barry tried to expose her as a fake but "Iris" reprogrammed the prismatic refractor to save herself.

Days later, with the help of the mirror copy of Chief David Singh, the Mirror duplicates visited Ramsey Rosso to collect his blood to complete the plan. After Rosso was freed from his prison, he attacked "Iris" and let her realize she did not want anymore to be an extension of her mother: then, he offered fake Iris a sample of his blood.

"Iris" used Rosso's blood on a mirror to prepare for Eva's return but was caught by Barry which confirmed him that she was not her wife; after Barry confronted her, they fought and "Iris" seemed to overpower the speedster: despite her mother's will, she chose to spare him as he also explained her that she could be a real person. Eva McCulloch punished her for her treason, ultimately killing "Iris": as she was dying, she encouraged Barry to search for her real wife.





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