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Leslie Larr, born Irma Sayres, was Tal-Rho's primary henchman during his plot to conquer Earth. She was granted Kryptonian powers by exposure to X-Kryptonite.


Irma Sayres was born in Smallville, Kansas, which is home to the largest deposit of X-Kryptonite on Earth.

As an adult she began working for Morgan Edge, who recruited her into a project to create an army of supersoldiers by exposing Edge's employees to X-Kryptonite.[1] Due to her long-term exposure to trace amounts of X-Kryptonite growing up in Smallville, she was the only successful subject. Her body was possessed by a Kryptonian consciousness which named itself "Leslie Larr".[2] Also among the subjects was Derek Powell, who Leslie formed a romantic relationship with.[3]

The Eradication

Leslie was present when Lois Lane stormed into a board meeting at the Daily Planet to publicly resign after Edge rewrote a story critical of him. As Lois left, Leslie warned her that Edge would crush her.[4]

Leslie Larr Arrowverse Superman & Lois 002

Larr before killing Subjekt-11

After Subjekt-11 failed to kill Derek's mother, who had passed potentially incriminating evidence to Lois, Leslie executed him with her heat vision.[5]

Before the Smallville City Council meeting where the townspeople would vote on allowing Edge the rights to the disused Shuster mines, Lois prepared a devastating expose to be published in the Smallville Gazette. Leslie came to the Gazette with a copy of Lois' Daily Planet contract, which included a clause preventing her from publishing the piece, reminding Lois that she told her Edge would crush her. Faced with the prospect of a long and costly lawsuit, Lois' new editor Chrissy Beppo reluctantly quashed the story.

As Lois was unable to make her case at the city council meeting, Edge gained exclusive rights to the mines. Later, he and Leslie surveyed the mines and she effortlessly punched through the rock face at a spot he indicated, revealing a rich deposit of X-Kryptonite.[6]

Derek was sent back to his mother to throw Lois off the scent, but he quickly lost control of his powers and called Leslie for help. She exposed him to another dose of X-Kryptonite, enhancing his powers to be equal to Superman. When Superman arrived, acting on a tip from Chrissy, Derek lead him away and the two fought. Leslie presumably relocated the X-Kryptonite chamber while Superman was distracted.[3]

Leslie Larr Arrowverse Superman & Lois 003

Larr attacks Lois Lane and John Irons

Leslie caught Lois and a mysterious man investigating the Shuster mines and chased them down, blasting at them with her heat vision. The man incapacitated Leslie with a laser gun and they escaped. That evening, Lois informed her husband that Leslie had powers.[7]

Edge ordered Leslie to find the identity of the mysterious man, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to move X-Kryptonite out of the mines due to interference from him, Lois and Superman. Leslie suggested they send out a small sample to draw him out, which Edge agreed to but implicitly threatened consequences if she failed. Leslie monitored the shipment with her super-hearing and when the man hijacked the shipment as she had anticipated, she then focussed on him, hearing his every move from then on. She eventually overheard him and Superman fighting and while they were distracted she ordered the bulk of the X-Kryptonite removed from the mines.[1]

Leslie had a chance meeting with Kyle Cushing and she told him that Edge was interested in him joining Edge Enercorp's leadership training program, when Kyle's wife Lana Lang had told him Edge had explicitly rejected him.[8] Kyle signed up for the program and went through the process to become one of Edge's soldiers.[2]

Superman and the Department of Defense were able to track down the transformation chamber and seized it. Edge ordered Leslie to step up the timetable and activated his army within Smallville for a full assault on Superman. Edge, Leslie and the Subjekts attacked Superman, who lead them into the upper atmosphere. Superman discharged all his stored solar energy into the Eradicator, releasing a wave that reversed the transformation process on the Subjekts.

Leslie Larr Arrowverse Superman & Lois 005

Larr attacks Superman

Unlike the other Subjekts, Leslie retained her powers and remained under the control of the Kryptonian consciousness, likely because she had been transformed years ago, while the others had gone through the procedure only a few weeks ago. She met up with Edge outside the Fortress of Solitude who told her that although it was only the two of them left “all [was] not lost”.[9]

Edge attempted to convert Superman to his cause and implanted the consciousness of General Zod into him, but was once again defeated. Edge was imprisoned by the Department of Defense. Following Edge's capture, Leslie remained at large.[10] She attempted to free Edge from his prison, but Superman and John Henry Irons easily intercepted and captured her. Superman hoped that he could return her to normal as he had done to the other Subjekts, but Edge told him the process had been done so long ago it could not be reversed.[11]


Three weeks later Edge, now transformed into the Eradicator, released Leslie from prison and the two headed to Metropolis. Superman and Irons arrived to stop them, accompanied by Lois, but the Eradicator transformed four civilians into Subjekts and they and Leslie attacked the two heroes. During the fight Leslie attempted to kill Lois but Irons overpowered and defeated her. Leslie was recaptured and returned to prison.[12]

The Eradicator captured Superman's son Jordan Kent. Lois tried to interrogate Leslie and find out where he had taken her son but Leslie refused to answer and mocked her concern for her son when her whole world was about to end. Leslie was imprisoned in a military black site.[13]






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