Irma Wornow, alias "Irmageddon" is a plump, middle-aged woman who fights crime in a nuclear-armed battlesuit.

Irma is a patriotic, working class police officer with a bit of a propensity for aggressive tactics (and lethal, radioactive force). She works as a member of the police force "Top 10", operating out of the city of Neopolis. Her husband is a man named Ron, a precog whose abilities often prevent him from gaining employment. They have two children, Cherry Bomb and Cerebra. She was partners with and a close friend to Girl One until her death, and was then partnered with Joe Pi. Her grief over Girl One's death makes her acceptance of her new partner very difficult but they eventually become friends. Five years after the Ultima incident, Irmageddon is briefly paired with Rexa Smax.


  • Nuclear Battlesuit



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