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"Showdown at Stark Aircraft!": Harold Stark, the Iron Lantern, is in space with an imprisoned H.E.C.T.O.R., talking to Oa the Living Planet. The Iron Lantern landed on the surface of Oa with the imprisoned H.E.C.T.O

Iron Lantern #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of June, 1997. It was published on April 2, 1997.

Synopsis for "Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"

Harold Stark, the Iron Lantern, is in space with an imprisoned H.E.C.T.O.R., talking to Oa the Living Planet. The Iron Lantern landed on the surface of Oa with the imprisoned H.E.C.T.O.R. The Iron Lantern recalled the events of Iron Lantern/Mariner when H.E.C.T.O.R. and the Weaponers of A.I.M. would be ruling the Earth if it wasn't for him. H.E.C.T.O.R. was left by the Iron Lantern to be taken into Oa's prison levels. Next, the Iron Lantern arrived at the Central Power Battery of Oa and recharged his armor.

Meanwhile, Stewart Rhodes, Pepper Ferris, and Harold Kalmaku were at the Stark Aircraft Plant outside of Coast City waiting for Hal Stark to return in order to supervise the test of their new S-41 aircraft. Harrington Ferris, who was overseeing the test, was annoyed by Stark's absence. Pepper, in order to appease the senator, decided to test the plane herself and took off.

The Iron Lantern was in space above Earth's orbit, recalling the day he became the Iron Lantern. Hal Stark was flying a modified Stark Aircraft flight-simulator when it suddenly took off with him in it and was drawn to a crashed spaceship. Hal's flight-simulator crashed to the ground, a few yards away from the spaceship. Hal got out of the flight-simulator, badly injured, dragging himself to the downed spaceship, where he found a dead alien, whose name he found out was Rhomann Sur. Hal found a lantern-like battery in the wreckage and used the technology from Rhomann Sur's ship to save his life and with the power battery, became the Iron Lantern.

Back on Earth, Pepper is still in the S-41 when she started to lose control of the aircraft. She was saved by Hal Stark, the Iron Lantern, and brought back to Stark Aircraft.

Later that evening, Hal attended a reception meant for the senator. Hal was conversing with Stewart while Happy attempted to charm Pepper, much to the latter's disapproval. Pepper was greeted by Hal who told her that she did a "fine job" that day. Their conversation was cut short when Senator Ferris rushed towards Hal and demanded an explanation for the defect in the aircraft. The senator chewed out Hal for assigning his daughter, Pepper, to fly the experimental aircraft. Pepper was angered by her father's statement and stormed out of the reception. Senator Ferris ordered his assistant, Kyle O'Brien, to bring his daughter back. Kyle followed Pepper, who was standing outside, where the latter found a familiar-looking purple gem floating in the air, much to her astonishment. The gem took control of her, turning her into Madame Sapphire.

Kyle accessed a secret entrance into the basement of the Stark Aircraft building. Hal was upstairs, still talking to the senator while the building started shaking. Madame Sapphire appeared with Great White and ordered it to attack the reception guests. The senator asked Hal if he had any security measures for this kind of event, but Hal went into his office to look for his Iron Lantern armor. The senator followed Hal to his office where the door was closed. Senator Ferris ordered his assistants Guy Gardner and Henry Gyrich to break the door down as the senator believed that Stark was responsible for the safety of his guests. Gardner and Gyrich broke the door down and found that Hal was not inside.

Hal fought the Great White, who was firing laser beams at cars. He encountered Madame Sapphire, who attacked him. Hal used his lantern beam to create an energy construct rocket attached to the Great White in order to launch him into space. The Iron Lantern followed the Great White into space where the latter broke free of the rocket. Then, Hal used his power battery energy to create a second layer of armor that made him larger. Hal was now large enough to fight Great White.

Back at the reception, Madame Sapphire was attempting to attack Senator Ferris, who was guarded by Gyrich and Gardner. Madame Sapphire imprisoned the two bodyguards in crystals and flew away with the senator.

Meanwhile, Stewart and Happy were in the basement, looking for the power battery. Kyle was hiding in the corner, watching them. After Happy opened the door, Kyle took the opportunity to rush inside and attack Stewart, who was reaching for the power battery. Kyle attacked Happy next, starting a fight, eventually winning and taking the power battery. Iron Lantern's power battery was disconnected, weakening him. Iron Lantern switched to his power reserve and resorted to flying into Great White's mouth and destroying it from within, using the last of his power reserve. After destroying Great White, Iron Lantern was floating in space, being dragged down to Earth by its gravitational pull.

Back on Earth, Stewart was helping an injured Happy walk while Kyle, who was carrying the power battery, saw what appeared to be a shooting star. Next to the crashing object was Madame Sapphire, who was carrying her father. The crashing object was no shooting star, but it was Hal's who's armor was melting. Mandarinestro, who was in his ship watched Hal's armor burn.

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Appearing in "Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Happy Kalmaku
  • Harrington Ferris
  • Kyle O'Brien
  • Oa the Living Planet
  • Rhomann Sur (Dies in flashback)
  • Stewart Rhodes


Other Characters:

  • Gardner
  • Gyrich
  • Human Lantern (Mentioned only)
  • Weaponers of A.I.M. (Mentioned only)




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