Iron Rule was a team of mercenaries seeking revenge on their founder, Roy Harper.


The team was founded by Roy Harper to help the Quracis overthrow the dictator of Qurac.

As a team of mercenaries, the members only had one rule to follow: no matter the job, leave things better than the way they found them.

The team was successful and earned a lot of money. However, for some members, it wasn't enough.

One day, as their leader had temporarily left the town they were residing in, the other members attempted to become the rulers of the town. In their opinion, they would make better rulers than the current dictator. Even so, the inhabitants resisted, which led them to be slaughtered in retaliation. Once back, their leader, who disapproved about the massacre, turned against them and launched a lethal blast to murder them.[1]

Unbeknownst to their former leader, they survived and swore to take revenge.

They'd eventually have the opportunity to take their revenge through the Joker's Daughter who became their new leader.[2]

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