Quote1 Your bogus affection sickens me! You'd flirt with the Devil to further your own ends! Quote2
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Lord Ironwolf was the finest officer from Earth-based interstellar Empire Galaktika in the 61st century. On his homeworld of Illium, he owned millions of trees with "anti-gravity wood" from which starships, such as his own, were constructed.

He renounced his privileged position as Imperial Officer of the Court in opposition to Empress Erika Klein-Hernandez's policies and cruelties. Hernandez asked Ironwolf to allow her new alien allies to make use of the trees; fearing the aliens would then build their own fleet of starships to attack the empire, Ironwolf flatly refused and smacked her across the face. As a result of his act of treason, he became a hunted outlaw and proceeded to wage a one-ship campaign of intergalactic rebellion against the Empress and her cohorts.


The Starship Limerick Rake



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