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Ambush Bug is a field reporter for Channel 52 and a temporary member of Justice League and Suicide Squad.


  • Cosmic Awareness: Ambush Bug is aware of the Fourth Wall.
  • Teleportation[1]: Ambush Bug has the power to instantly teleport anywhere in his line of sight, he can even teleport to places that he has never been or seen but not without some risk as in doing so he lacks precision.[2]
  • Invulnerability: Ambush Bug survived being punched by Superwoman even as the latter hit him with enough strength that his body created a small depression in the ground.[3]


Other Characteristics

  • Teleportation Sound: Before teleporting to a spot the air in that point crackles for an istant, giving away his location and enemies with superhuman senses or speed can use this to their advantage.[4]
  • Mental Disorder



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