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Issac Bowin was the Fiddler, a villain who committed crimes by hypnotizing people with his sonic fiddle. This has made him an enemy to multiple generations of the Flash.

When he was younger, the Fiddler began his criminal career as an enemy of the original Flash Jay Garrick. [1] Jay would successfully defeat him, but, due to fluctuations of the timeline caused by Dr. Manhattan, Jay's adventures would temporarily be wiped from the timeline until they were once again restored.

Legion of Zoom

Bowin would later be pulled from sometime in the past by Reverse Flash to join the Legion of Zoom. Together, they battled the Flash Family until the speedsters ran fast enough to create a vibrational frequency that sent Fiddler along with all the other villains back to their respective points in the timeline.[2]


The Fiddler would go into a form of retirement in Zambia. He played card games with the other villains Vortex, Shrike and Psych. However, at one of their games, Psych admitted he was cheating, and the other players held him at gunpoint. Psyche defended himself by mentally breaking the men, seemingly tearing them apart with the images of all the people they had collectively killed during their criminal careers.[3]




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