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Colonel Cragg, a former member of the Liberty Squad, retired to Tranquility, Oregon.

Cragg is the only man to serve in three branches of the U.S. Military simultaneously (Air Force, Navy and the Army) and holds the record for most enemy planes shot down in a career. He bears a scar across the left side of his face, and a blinded left eye, from a fight with his nemesis Nazi Giant during his former military days. His combat and piloting abilities are more than likely superhuman in nature, given his record-breaking service record, coupled with the fact that some portion of said record was obtained with the limited depth perception of having only one eye. Colonel Cragg is known to have fought in World War II, but it is not known how far his service extended past the war's resolution.

Cragg retired and settled in Tranquility. He is usually seen with his former second-in-command, Bad Dog. Cragg was also a pallbearer at Mr. Articulate's funeral, implying that the two were probably friends, although he believes Mr. Articulate to be gay. Cragg has demonstrated difficulty adjusting to the modern era's political correctness.

Cragg was ultimately revealed to be Mr. Articulate's murderer as the reason he killed him for is because Articulate had planned on revealing the town's secret of the Fountain of Youth, which was responsible for many of the townspeople's longevity, and was only knew by Cragg, Judge Fury and Astral Man. Also, Cragg was truly responsible for Astral Man's death, as he was unwillingly to kept the Fountain a secret to the world, by killing him in his sleep. Colonel Cragg further kept the Fountain's secret by murdering Collette Pearson's cameraman Cedric, and newspaper reporter Bug.

"Bury me in two coffins please."

Fury personally reveals to Collette that the comics that described Cragg's combat with Nazi Giant was misconstrue as he was instead captured and sadistically tortured by his nemesis, which broken his spirit and cause him to possess a split personality, and was left for dead. Cragg deliberately covered up his past experience in order to not allow his heroic reputation to be profaned. Seeing no choice as his murders would be revealed as well as the Fountain's secret, Cragg assaulted Henry Hyde and hijack Hyde's Hate Bomb to annihilate Tranquility's residents through aerial bombardment. He was then caught into an aerial dogfight with Minxy Minerva and Seresa Lindo. Cragg had his military advantage over Minxy, and dropped the bomb, but only for it be teleported away by Cosmos into a vacant desert. Cragg was eventually killed by Minxy and Seresa via missiles that destroyed his aircraft before he made his last words: "Bury me in two coffins please."