Isaac Zavimbe was the estranged younger brother[1] of David Zavimbe and the serial killer known as Massacre.

Isaac and David were both raised in Congo, and were both very close to each other. When war broke out, their parents were killed and they were kidnapped by General Keita and forced to join his army of child soldiers, where they killed in order to please him. One day, Isaac refused, and when Keita hit him, he retaliated, bruising Keita's face with a rock. This caused Keita to take a machete and slash him across his body and take his eye, before throwing him off a cliff, to his death.[1]

However, Issac survived the fall and was left in the jungle as a wild child. Eventually, he was discovered by Josiah Kone, who had stormed off into the jungle after having a fallout with the superhero team The Kingdom when they sacrificed thousands of lives to end the war. Josiah took Isaac in and started grooming him into a super hero killing machine driven by revenge.[2]

Years later, Isaac, with his training complete, took up the identity Massacre and set out to kill the Kingdom members. First, he murdered Earth Strike, their former leader. This led to a police investigation, but Massacre went after the police and killed all but one, who he impaled but survived. This was none other than his brother David. Then he went after Thunder Fall at his school, and Batwing tried to interfere but failed. Next he killed Dawnfire in her home and hung her body to taunt Batwing. Then, to make Kone look innocent, he staged an attack on Kone using multiple mercenaries dressed as him, and they "miraculously" lost at the hands of Batwing while he was nowhere to be seen. Then he went for Steelback, who himself had no powers without his suit. However, with the aid of Batman, Massacre was actually defeated and fled. He went to Gotham to hunt the last two members, Staff and Razorwire, with the assistance of a remote controlled Steelback Armor.

He succeeded in killing them, but Batman, Robin and Nightwing destroyed the suit, activating the self destruct. Meanwhile, Batwing fought Massacre and defeated him. After unmasking him, he discovered that he was really his brother, but the suit exploded and Isaac escaped. Batwing then traced the signal of the Steelback armor back to Kone and confronted and arrested him. Meanwhile, Massacre went into hiding without a purpose any longer.[2]



  • Custom Battle Armor


  • Machete



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