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Quote1 Maybe the mistake I made with Immortimas wasn't forcing people to love me, it was forcing people to love me. Maybe people should fear me instead. That'll make them love me, right? Maybe world domination is just the simplest, cleanest path for me. Maybe I should become a supervillain. Quote2
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Isabel Feathers is an actress from Cloverton who was cast as a character based on Rita Farr in Micki Harris's play, until she fell in a time hole and was possessed by the power of the inter-dimensional deity known as Immortus.

At some point, Isabel was cast as the "Blob Lady" in a play about the Cloverton disaster, where she unknowingly starred alongside the woman who inspired her character, Rita Farr. Some time later, Isabel was surprised by a time traveler who opened a hole in the ground with her machine and accidentally made her fall there, getting trapped in the Timestream. Somehow, Isabel encountered Immortus' Longevity Talisman, who apparently merged with her.[4][1][5][2][3]

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