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Quote1 The sins of the father are the sins of the son. Quote2
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Isabel Rochev, also known as Ravager, was a key associate of Slade Wilson, as CEO of Queen Consolidated.

As an intern at Queen Consolidated, she had an affair with Robert Queen. Some time after, she became Vice-President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International. Her actions led Robert Queen to mark her as one of the causes to Starling City's ruination in his casebook.

She worked with Slade to take over Queen Consolidated, so she could exact revenge on the Queen family. She first gained Oliver Queen's trust, and when Thea was kidnapped, he appointed her CEO so he could bail on a meeting.

When Arrow and his team raided Slade's hideout, Diggle was forced to shoot her. Slade saved her life by giving her the Mirakuru.

Diggle and Felicity became concerned as to why the press hasn't mentioned Isabel's death, still believing in her apparent demise.

Isabel attended the reception service of Moira's funeral, after she was murdered by Slade, and revealed to Diggle and Felicity that they will be Slade's next targets. Isabel later met with Thea to tell her that her club is part of Queen Consolidated and she must vacate the facility within a few days. Oliver, who was already aware of her survival, called her to tell Slade that he is giving up. Later Isabel, as Ravager, attacked Diggle who was attempting to plant bombs around a bridge leg to crush Slade's army beneath ground, and told him that she was eager for revenge.

Fighting Diggle, Isabel demanded the location of Felicity Smoak, eager to kill her. The brawl was stopped when she was hit by Felicity's van, allowing the vigilantes to escape while Isabel struggled to stand up. She later observed the destruction of Starling City together with Slade from Queen Consolidated and witnessed Sebastain and Slade's argument regarding the city's survival as part of the plan. Later, Isabel was tasked to kill Sebastian after he gave the Mirakuru cure to Oliver, stabbing Sebastian Blood with both of her swords.

Finally, at Queen Consolidated, Isabel and some of Slade's soldiers stood guard, expecting a fight against the Arrow and the Canary, but were also faced with the League of Assassins led by Nyssa al Ghul. Isabel fought Sara and Nyssa but was overwhelmed. As she boasted about how she "took away the one" to Oliver, Nyssa hit her on the back of the head, killing her.





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